Thursday, December 22, 2005


Merry Christmas, QueerPenguin.

I love funny Christmas cards but I hate the price and if I do pay for them, you'll never receive them because I can't part with them. I found that by googling for a star to top today's post but that was better.

I went to Space.Com to find a star but found their list of the Top Ten Alien abduction movies. I couldn't resist that.

1. X-FILES - FIGHT THE FUTURE. Remembered, loved it and grabbed the video to watch

2. TAKEN. Couldn't get into the series on tv but it might be better on DVD without annoying ad

3. THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. The original black and white. It didn't need
a multitude of special effects to frighten the daylights out of me, watching it on the late, late
show in a dark room.

4. MEN IN BLACK. A comedy which I think will last. Must get that out of the cupboard for
Christmas Eve.

5. FIRE IN THE SKY. Don't remember this one at all. Anybody like it?

6. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Sort of liked it but it's a bit boring now.

7. THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE. What can I say, I'm more the StarWars fan.

8. SIGNS. 50/50. Anybody else instead of Mel Gibson except Tom Cruise.

9. V: The original mini series. I never missed an episode and loved it just as much when they
repeated it.

10. THE ARRIVAL. Watched this three times in two days. The way the aliens bent their knees
backwards really caused me pain because I was between operations to hack my own
kneecaps out.

Now during the silly season why doesn't someone get the bright idea of holding a late night science fiction film festival. We don't all have DVD players, some of us have pension age televisions still. I'd like everyone to see the original 'War of the Worlds' with Gene Barry instead of Cruise. Then there's a couple of Quatermass black and whites that were memorable.

If nothing else, there's 'Threshold' which looks promising as a series and 'Surface' which will put me off swimming this summer.

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