Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I'm only leaving this photograph up for 24 hours since I respect my granddaughters' privacy. They are beautiful, talented and extremely intelligent. I've been asked time and time again, "What nationality are they?" They are Australian, born here as was their father and mother. On their father's side, they inherited French, German, Scot and American genes. On their mother's side, they inherited, Sinhalese, Dutch, English and Irish genes. They are my United Nations. They are Human Beings.


Ron said...

They are lovely and I hope they have never been subject to any racist nastiness.

I noticed when my children were in primary school, with lots of children of different heritage, that the children did not notice the difference. It comes later: they are taught it by adults, media etc and pass it onto their peers. And it comes alway the way from the top with utterances from the prime minister such as 'we will decide who comes here'.

I am frightened to think that multiculturism isn't working, at least at this stage: it's really a bandaid on a festoring sore.

I fear for the children and their children.

Davo said...

It is my vain, and probably useless hope that the word 'multiculturalism' can be - if not eradicated from the language - at least relegated to some obscure and archaic dictionary. To be replaced by the word, and concept, of 'cosmopolitan'. Hope that you do not misunderstand when I say that am proud that they are Australian.

Gerry said...

Well said, YahTeh!

Ron, I think multiculturalism is working. There are some speedbumps, but it's working. The quickest way to trash it is allow yourself to be convonced by the racists' propaganda that it isn't working. Most Australians of whatever origins are making honest and decent efforts to get along, so it's working. Don't let a minority of racial bigots contol the agenda.

Mother Damnable said...

JT What lovely girls, you must be very proud of them, thanks you so much for sharing this picture.

Gerry I agree, people do generally get along as best they can. There is only one world and we are all human beings.

I was at a meeting last week when there was a debate over whether the word "community" should be used!

I live in a world community where what hurts one hurts us all, as my sisters were saying on Sat, thus we are divided.

Davo, kind regards as always :>)

JahTeh said...

Thank you all for the comments. My hope is with children growing up with more commonsense than adults.

Harley said...

I'm almost hoping for a hostile alien invasion so we have an excuse to recognise that we are all human beings.

Ron said...


Obviously you are not reader of too many Aussie blogs or else you would know aliens arrived ages ago! :-)