Sunday, January 01, 2006


I have never know a year to go so quickly for the good bits but so slowly for the bad and such a lot of bad.

Further to the subject of gay unions is this extract from David Leeming's bio of Stephen Spender, A Life in Modernism.

Stephen Spender - Journal 313 "note about marriage"

Marriage was "an agreement - or conspiracy - between two people to treat each other as having the right to be loved absolutely."
If that understanding exists, he suggested, aspects of the relationship such as sex and children become "secondary".
Thus, it is quite possible for same sex marriages or marriages without children or even sex to be "immensely binding".

I haven't forgotten the earthquake report up to the 22nd December.
Seven earthquakes in Western Australia and Kalannie wins with two of them.
A 2.2, 14 kms underground and a 2.5, 3kms underground.

My New Year's resolutions are very simple;

Think about losing weight.

Weigh myself regularly but don't look at the scales.

Don't give in to depression which I won't if I don't look at the scales.

Stop using the computer long enough to find out how it works.

Stop spending money.

Get money.

Keep it out of Costello's pocket.

Fight for equal rights for everyone who lives in this country and pays Howard's salary.

Pray for the doves of peace to escape from the jaws of the dogs of war.

Hope that Australia re-discovers her fairness and commonsense.

Happy 2006 to all the bloggers who are spreading sedition and keeping 'them in charge' on their toes.


R H said...

Happy New year, Miss Coppergirl. Same old us. Improved attitudes take enormous concentration. You have to keep remembering them. All else is easy.


Davo said...

"weight" is all in the mind and actions, not in the body.

Best wishes for the next journey.

Mother Damnable said...

Thanks for your Blog Copper Witch.

I'm sorry I've been busy but I promise to catch up in the New Year.

Best wishes from me too!

JahTeh said...

I hope you all have a wonderful 2006.

I'll be seeing you on the other side of this horrible year.