Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This time I really have to take notice of the physio and not sit at the computer for a week which is five days, right.

I'm only doing this now before the painkillers wear off and I go back to bed where I'm supposed to stay for a week which is five days, right.

Apparently even if I do feel okay, it's not a good idea to do the amount of walking I did last week (five days, right). It's not okay to sit in bars on chairs that are too small for a large economy bum. It's probably not okay to haul two barrow loads of bricks out of the bulb garden so I'm glad I didn't tell him about that. It's not okay to sit at the computer AT ALL. It's not okay to watch more than one hour of TV. Ice skating is sport not TV. 'Desperate Housewives' is TV.

Things I can do.

I can lie about in bed as much as possible.
I get to put freezing cold ice packs on my spine.
I am allowed to take as many painkillers as possible.
I can do the washing but put it in the dryer.
Try not to worry about the dirty dishes. (who, me?)
I can feed the cat but don't bend over to get the dish. Well he's used to food being thrown at him from a great height.
I must use my walking stick. This is the one I usually get tangled in my feet and fall over.

No blogging for a week, that's five days, right.


outofctrl said...

Get well soon!

jdallen said...

Trade your computer in for a laptop with wireless access, get a router attached to your high speed connection, and blog from bed.

No sense losing your connection to sanity and the rest of the universe just because you are in bed.

Depending on what you are there for, of course.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

We'll miss ya, JT!!

But... FIVE DAYS.. right.

Ron said...

What jdallen said. Best thing I ever did was get broadband wireless.

If I lived near you, I would come and nurse you. I don't think we will make five days without you.

Crystal said...

You will not be reading this comment until Friday night so:
I fervently hope you HAD a fine drop to wash down the painkillers. XXXX

(that reminds me - my blogpal the stirrer informs me that XXXX beer is the only Austn beer without that poison fluoride in it.


Link said...

Ron, what a sweetie! Umm this week 5 days thing Jahteh, it may seem like a long time it certainly is in some quarters. Yes we will miss you.

"iwiogow" sort of sums it up

JD Allen said...

You know, this is not so awful bad. It is kinda like your wife having laryngitis. Ha! Spelled that correctly without checking.


Come back soon, ma'am.

JahTeh said...

outofctrl, don't get laid until I'm back. I'd hate to miss a world first.

JD, That entire first sentence went straight through both ears but blogging would consist of moaning very bad moaning not the good moaning.

Thanks Ron and Link, I've missed you.

Crystal, a fine rock group that, the booze and painkiller five.