Sunday, February 19, 2006


*Puts on VGLRL hat*
For all the bloggers who promised to check out some of the best gay blogs (probably to shut me up) here they are. Rodney is Australia's leading advocate of gay rights. An eloquent speaker and writer, he has been in Canberra this week lobbying members of Parliament for support to end discrimination on the basis of a person's sexuality. Sam Butler, unlike most bloggers has been published. He writes very well about politics, often getting the good oil before it's news. He has a swing at Oz Culture and his dreadful taste in footballers is offset by his good taste in tennis players. He is a young gay man of faith but don't let that put you off since he neither hits you in the face with his gayness nor his faith. His post on how Hillsong Ministries treats its gay members was well written but then all his posts are thought provoking.

Gay blogs aren't everyone's taste but even an anorexic will look at food once in a while so call in at these sites at least once a week because Gay rights and same sex marriage are being put back on the political agenda. And for all of you who have wandered here out of curiosity, I'm not gay, I'm a straight woman who thinks it's idiotic to be judged by who sleeps beside you.

*Takes off VGLRL hat* *Puts on Party hat*

Getting to the grogblog was relatively uneventful. Next time I must remember to sit at the other end of the station so I'm not looking at the billboard for De Fuze accessories. The bird looks like Victoria Beckham, ugh but the luscious half naked sex object drapped across her lap made me want to buy the jeans to strip off someone. Someone being the Ian Sommerhalder lookalike on the train who had dark eyelashes about a foot long and blue eyes. Wasn't fussed about the peach fuzz that was masquerading as a beard but his eyes were gorgeous.

The usual crowd of quiet shy bloggers turned up a various addresses until we were rounded up in one place. Flutey was a no show and the excuse will have to be good.

Brownie made the most elegant exit I've seen in years. Hope she negotiated the Parliament station steps in a like manner.

My crunched toe received another fatal blow from the flat foot of His Excellency, the Governor General. Fortunately my legal advisor who shall remain nameless but loves cats was sitting beside me and I intend to sue for the entire Vice-Regal fortune. I could do a lot with $20.

We are going to have to get a flag, a button and a secret handshake to avoid accosting non-bloggers for future events. Once again, it was no use introducing ourselves by anything other than blognames then it was instant recognition.

Being a nice night, I decided to walk to Flinders street for a cab. I don't remember it being quite so far from Bourke st and downhill at that. When I got home Murphy's Law came into play and I crashed my toe again. I'm sueing you, Sedge.


Helen said...

It was very nice to meet you J. I'm bookmarking ya!

Brownie said...

Dear Lady Cu Prum - anyone hearing the word 'elegance' would immediately think of me, thank you, and it was great to meet you.
For your dear accident prone metatarsal, may I suggest steel cap Blunnies before coming into the Governor-General's forcefield again?

JahTeh said...

Thank you Helen, I think we'll have to get a bigger bar to meet in.

Got home safe then, brownie. I had my revenge on the GG, the waitress forgot his order and he near died of starvation. I love that goblin.

R H said...

You can forget your weight; you've got talent.

JahTeh said...

rh, your disguise as a large potted plant was a success, we couldn't avoid you all night.

Brownie said...

Thank you my dear - the goblin is 'me'. It looks confused.and can slide under tables. I found it via Brista's Snorri Goblin blog. The journey home via Fast Train had a 'moment'. There are rail hostesses now. They carry their bags on wheels just like flight crews; where once the Ballarat train was a seething heap of bogan brouhaha, it is now hostessed to the degree that they referee fights and apologise to the loser after they have escorted the antagonist away. This took the form of a Somali man wearing an LA Pimpster hat, who was overwhelmed by a girl whose thighs (and most else) were totally exposed in very close proximity to him. Our Hostie apologised to this decorumless slag for the 'cultural misunderstanding'.
I feigned sleep. xxxxx

R H said...

You girls are getting mighty funny, and I'm getting mighty worried. Seems you're learning too well from me - and getting ready to take over. Miss Brownie, that was enormous!
Very funny.

JahTeh said...

'Bogan brouhaha', memory flash, the 'plonk' trains to Rutherglen weekends. Didst partake, little Brownie?