Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I need someone to fetch my ice-packs, he'll do.

I'm trying to write a brilliant post on 101 uses for a dead whale but I keep getting visions of me beached in a queen size bed.

Now I know why men put the seat up. It is hard to pee, standing up, with the seat down.

Paracetamol gives you a mouth taste like the bottom of a cat litter box.

The only good thing about pain is that is gives you an excuse for looking your age. I swear I looked all of 35 this morning.


Crystal said...

But he's got a revolting 'outie'.
There's a better one than him somewhere, and did you search 'hunk' to find him or is it your neighbour?
My friend Kaye slept with her neighbour and when it went sour she couldn't go out her front door. That's one reason why one shouldn't do that.
'101 Uses for a dead whale outside of Japan' you mean? Only one: to show Federal Coast Guard they should work harder and to show the prime miniature we should sign Kyoto and guard our environment.
Paracetemol? Wine cask works better for me.
Hopefully you will be well
for the 17th Feb grogblog at top end of Bourke St (not a Lefty Production but) with Boynton, Nabokov, Terry, and The Daily Flute down from Siddenee. A blue ribbon night.
this is gonna say from Crystal but it is really her evil twin Brownie. xxx

R H said...

I had a little love affair with a woman in this street. It was a nice show for the neighbours.
And she was a fantastic cook too. But eventually I decided to break it off with her.
I tried several times, but had no luck.
Then suddenly she upped and gave ME the arse.
I got the shock of my life!
She's since sold her little house here, and with the dough she got is now parading herself in a two storey mansion in Geelong.
Women always come up in the world after getting rid of me. I don't know why. But good luck to them, the little cheekies!

JahTeh said...

I never looked at the outie because I don't have one. It got left behind in one of those 'ER' moments, you know, 'bring her out! sew her up or we'll lose her'. I now have nothing to hold the vintage Moet for the sipping out of. I'd have to mortgage the house for a grogblog in Feb. but the temptation.

rh, 'a nice show for the neighbours' you little exhibitionist you. Get a blog and post pictures.