Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I have been banned from the computer for at least four days and you can see I am taking my physio's advice already.

I am used to my spine going crunch/grind and when it stopped I just thought it had finally settled down but I should have known better. It was just building up enough fluid protection to surround and crush the nerves with a lovely flow on effect. I now have every muscle on the left side going into spasm whenever I breathe and numbness down the leg, right down to the bruised toe.

Physio says don't use the computer or sit watching TV. I shouldn't have to add that he's not a blogger. Time to catch up on the reading when I'm not sneaking in to have a quick peek at what's going on in blogland.

Last week the weather was hot, where is it now when I'm using ice packs every two hours.
My toe is not broken but it nearly was after being rotated by Physio. I'll be back when the spine starts crunching again.

I'm lying, I'm addicted to blogging, it'll be sooner.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"after being rotated by Physio"

Mmmm ... sounds awfully like the earth should have moved for you ... or at least should perhaps have had the right to lie back and light up a Viscount.

Suspect that Viscounts are, in the cigarette world pretty much, for the clever jeune things of today, where the fabled Black Tulip and Pimms Numero Uno live - i.e. somewhere about 250 light years way back behind Uranus. ('scuse me creeping Frankie Howerds, Benny Hills, Charles Hawtreys and Kenneff Williams.)

... and of course if'n you're reading this propped up in an inelegant painful position, then you are obviously doing what the physio said you'd be doing ... courting with death.

So, contrary to common opinion ... do take this comment lying down.

R H said...

Why not post a quickie from a standing position? I've had to do that plenty of times; in hallways and passages all over the place. ho ho ho.

Yes well this is no good. I'm sorry to hear it. But maybe you could just think up some good postings in the meantime, just to feel connected.
I'm forever thinking up comments, and nothing to do with any postings at all. just silly things to say.
Well as Chairman of LP one has to do that, the minor shareholders expect it. And anyway, what's it matter in the end? All my bloody comments are irrelevant. Stupid! Ridiculous! Exactly what people want.

Best wishes.

JahTeh said...

Quickies, rh. I'm sure there are a few lady bloggers who would like to give you some slow lingerings, as over hot coals.

Your Excellency, fortunately I have a back end like a semi so I can still sit half on a chair and not fall. I just can't think with half a brain.

Deirdre said...

Can't think with half a brain?? What's wrong with you?! The rest of us manage all right.

Sorry to hear you're in pain. Take it easy if you can, and all the best. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Link said...

Stick with the program--(and you too Sedge). Suggest you find authentic acupuncturist. Sounds painful. Give one thing up, but not blogging.

JahTeh said...

Girls, have heard from Ron, Gerry is having a worse time than me but hopes to be back soon. In the meantime we'll just keep hi-jacking his comments.

You'd think I'd be used to a pain in the arse, after all I was married.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Get well soon.

And get a blackberry!

JahTeh said...

Thanks Armaniac but I have enough trouble with electronic whatsis without trying to figure out a blackberry. I still carry the instruction book for my mobile.