Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm going to have to stop giving blog posts away as comments. Over at Armagnac'd there have been plenty of comments about this saying although he hasn't put up the last line.

If you love something
Set it free,
If it comes back,
It is yours,
If it doesn't,
It never was.
I'm familiar with it because it's framed and sits with photos of my granddaughters. I seem to be the only commenter that didn't equate the saying with a lover.
I have an indifferent relationship with my D-I-L, in fact, I wouldn't care if she never crossed my path again. The last time I saw my girls was December, 2004 but I did speak to them at Christmas. D-I-L has re-married and has another gorgeous little girl who my two adore.
People ask why I don't get legal advice about access visits but I think they've been through enough in their young lives without that.
This brings me back to that saying. In spite of how much I would like the situation to be different, I have had to set them free. I was there for them when it mattered and I'll be here if they want to come back but the love is in the letting go.
I suppose it's a difference in the life stage, being a mother and a grandmother I automatically think of children instead of a lover. I think King Solomon had it right.


GreenSmile said...

Your life is a teaching.

I hope everyone is taking notes.

Link said...

Well said greensmile.

A late comer to your blog JahTah I'm surprised by you all the time, you're a grandmother! I guessed you had a son, but also would've guessed you to be in your late thirties maybe.

Its funny how people sound younger when they write, not young as in immature but young as in fresh. Your experience does seep through your writings, making them all the more valuable.

Brownie said...

Yes JahTeh - over at armaniacs I wondered why the 'it never was' line was ignored by everyone.
I am sorry to hear you have that difficulty with your DIL and your grand-daughters. Divorce is a terrible thing and I constantly wish Society In General did more to prevent and avoid it.
link: Ms JahTeh is physically a GM, but spiritually, she is a sprite. a mischievous sprite and bursting with joie de vivre.

JahTeh said...

Thank you greensmile.

Link, I was a child bride and my mind is in my late thirties, the body is somewhat older. I honestly wouldn't swap my age for the young ones' problems these days.

Have sent you an email Bwca.

My word verification, kbfbzstz. I'm sure I've called the Blight that many times.