Friday, March 03, 2006


Before I start on the news, a big Happy Birthday for my ex Mother-in-Law who is 92 today. That's not being sarky either, I think she's great and she likes me better than the new D-I-L.
She's a lady who had a good brain but married in an age where the husband was deferred to and that's a damn shame.

Speaking of husbands. I watched the news with JHo going off to his $1000 a head din-dins but couldn't he have sprung for a new dress for Jeanette. I mean a burlap bag with a few sequins might be okay for Fountaingate on a Friday night but he could have loaned her one of his gaudy garbs he keeps picking up at his 'heads of gov.' meetings.

Today was the first time out for the dodgy spine. The X-rays showed a slight seismic slip in the region of the 4th and 5th vertebra but no bulging disc. A bit of residual nerve damage down the leg which might heal itself and be careful and don't fall over. So today, and this really hurts, I had to resort to the oldies motorised shopping bus that runs around Westfield and I couldn't even ride on the back and pretend it was a Harley Davidson because the step was too high. I had to ride in the front and pretend I was the fat controller.

I could have left it for one more day but I'm glad I didn't. Andrew Bolt's going to be there tomorrow at a book signing and I wouldn't like to get in the way of his fans. HaHaHaHa. Still I would have liked to sneak around to see if anyone actually turned up or bought the book.

Safeway was fun as usual, the stock pixies had totally re-arranged the shelves again. This adds another km or two to the sore back and puts me off food. This cat is going to have to start putting in some crawling time to make up for the amount of money his food is costing. I'm standing in front of a giant wall of cat necessities with another cat controlled female and we are having an indepth discussion, not of world events, but which cat biscuits should we get for an ageing feline. We both looked at each other at one stage until I said the next step is discussing huggies for women who have bladder control issues. We decided we'd much rather be talking about drinking Champagne on Hamilton Island and went our separate ways. I ended up buying the bikkies for controlling hairballs in geriatric moggies. It cost a lot. In fact, his half of the food bill is twice mine.

The one thing I refused to buy is Vaalia Yogurt. I don't mind the stupid woolly goat in the ad but I hate that song. I love the bit at the end where they throw the stick off the mountain top for the goat to fetch but I would have shown the goat leaping 600 feet straight down and landing in a tub (small) of Vaalia. Stupid earworm of a song. Victory though, I walked past the donuts, didn't quite make it past the rasberry danish.

The post office made me buy Commonwealth Games stamps when I wanted flowers. I hate shopping days.