Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I feel as though I have been in the twilight zone for the last two weeks and it doesn't look like ending any time soon.

I took Mum to the cancer specialist today and he is quite certain that the procedure won't be too difficult for her. Just to make certain we have to go to the anaesthesia clinic at Monash where they will make sure she'll survive that. Today there were heart tests and blood tests. Friday, 21st April, a full body bone scan and CT of chest and abdomen which will take nearly all day.

I'm glad no-one took my blood pressure today. Everytime we see a new doctor I find out just how long she's been hiding this from us even down to the fact that she did have pain in the beginning. My sister says I will have to calm down but I figure that if I get all the anger out now then later, when I really need it, I'll be calm.

The good part of this week is seeing my granddaughters for the first time in 16 months. Only two days and one night but any crumb is better than none. At least the impending visit made me do some housework and this time I did remember to take the naked guys off the fridge door. Last time they were at the gate and I was shoving photos in the freezer. The computer photos I'll hide in the recycle bin and hope they don't go right to the bottom of the favourites list.

I have film in the camera and I'll ask if I can post photos. I've been told the eldest is a real handful but I should have her straight in about an hour. There'll be a few rules about this computer too. No locking me out with cryptic passwords and no signing me up with lavalife again and definitely no logging me in to every msn group in Queensland. At least they will see Mum looking well which is a bonus.

I haven't seen the news or read a paper so I'm off to the blogs to see what I've missed.

If it seems that I've lost my sense of humour.... my ice pack has split, my TENS unit has fritzed and the hot water tap came off in my hand as I was having a shower at midnight.


Brownie said...

ah yes, I know that shower tap type.
and it was just the last straw I bet.
Has Our Dear Endora revealed
why she did not seek
early early! intervention?
Love comin at y'all.

Brownie said...

just staggered by to see how yas are.

thursday 10pm xxxxx

JahTeh said...

Hello little bwca, why aren't you out stealing Easter eggs from small children?

Ma knew what was happening but just didn't want to think about it. She's a past master of putting one's head in the sand and/or downright lying about any illness.

Brownie said...

the small children around here, all have 'sheets a mile long' as the Mag is fond of saying, and would nail the cat to the door next time I went out.

Like daughters who want a tattoo, I guess a Mother has a right to 'her life, her way', without interference from other parties.
If I were her, I would want you to sit with me and listen to all the old stories - about her parents, school friends and pranks, how she met your Dad - Fill her mind with recallitkng the time she was young beautiful and free.
This is not the time for Tough Love.

The other kind from me.

(the damn word thing says 'gwmpy' - far far too apt in my case)

JahTeh said...

We've been through this with my Father so this is the time to stand back and relax until the bad bits start. She still wants to do as much as possible for herself and she finds it easier to talk to someone outside the family. When the going gets tough this mob knows how to go.

'Gwmpy' So the foot's not getting better?