Friday, April 14, 2006


Now this is what makes us forget the trials of bringing up children, beautiful grandchildren.

I've had to wait to ask their permission to put their photo up but here are my treasures.

After walking down the street with them yesterday I am now in favour of bringing in the compulsory wearing of the burkha. It was all I could do not to yell at one P-plater to keep his eyes on the road and off my eldest. She is a stunner though, 13 years old and 166cm in height and still growing. The youngest is the opposite, in the 1950's she would have been called a pocket Venus. A pocket Venus with a plastic tattoo on her cheek and a permanent mouthful of bubble gum through which she talks a million words a minute. She's happy there is one boy in the class who is smaller than she is, she uses him as a leaning post.

They were very good about the computer but my mobile phone now rings loud enough to be heard in Sydney. I did ask them to teach me how to copy and paste, ignoring the withering looks and 'Nannie, surely you can do that, it's so simple'. Well Nannie is simple and still can't do it because they shot through it so quickly I couldn't keep up and I wasn't going to ask twice.
I showed them the blog and it was just like that Peggy Lee song, 'Is that all there is?' No it doesn't change colour, blast music and have links and no I haven't learnt how to put my cyber spider in the corner. Eldest has her own website and it changes colour and has a background that moves, smart little rotter.

I couldn't even stun them with my culinary arts. It's been so long since I cooked for more than one person it was a real strain to remember what went on when. I did remember to take the Sara Lee out of the freezer and youngest remembered to take the bubble gum out of her mouth.

The cat had a total meltdown and disappeared. He is still twitchy but back on the mohair rug, with one eye open.

I always worry that they'll be bored but it's why they like coming for a few days. I don't make them do anything. They lie around wrapped in doonas watching TV and winding down from the family visits and late nights. Nobody can believe they are in bed and asleep by 10.30.

We hit Westfield today and I remembered what girls do, they eat and try on clothes. They like the expensive shops for looking but go for Target and Big W for the bargains. They love to accessorize and have teenage total recall for the better bargain in the first place we looked. I am becoming more in favour of the burkha idea as school kids start to herd into the centre. Some of those boys' eyes were swivelling faster than Mad-eye Moody.

It will probably be another 12 months until I see them again and the one thing we don't do is promise to keep in touch and I never push for it. Teens these days are under so much pressure and it's so far removed from the carefree days I remember when the biggest worry was finding the money for a can of hair spray. They're sensible and they know I'm always here. So much easier being a Grandmother than a parent.


Brownie said...

Silver Lining.


Armagnac Esq. said...


OK, we'll get there, someday.

Cats really aren't good with kids, or vice versa, I dunno. OUrs are very social but they don't like kidlets much, even on short visits.

R H said...

Greetings Miss J.

I live with two women in their twenties, and I'm old enough to be their sugar daddy.
When we go out together that's what people think I am.

And I love it.


JahTeh said...

Armaniac, you and Lefty will be the best parents and make it soon before the rodent bans seditious reproduction.

RH, I knew underneath that hard boiled exterior lurked a soft centre.

R H said...

I know you're not talking about my brain, but I encourage that thought in my enemies.
I like them to underestimate me.


Andrew said...

I really know what you are saying in many ways in this post. Watching men and boys watching her/them is quite amusing.