Sunday, April 16, 2006


Finally after tracking the cat down to get a good photo, I get this, lemon tree and grass and the

animal's impression of this cat.

I caught him again last night, lounging on his mohair rug, on his feather cushion in front of my gas fire. I'm thinking of re-naming him Lord Lucan for the way he hates having his photo taken.

The weather has taken a turn for the football.

My spine is still hurting but it's mending. My sportsmed unit died last week so I ordered new electrode pads and a new lead. Memo to self: next time put the unit on lowest setting with anything new attached. The new things are a tad more efficient, 3.5 will send a large body of woman into orbit so 2 will do nicely for pain relief.

I have posted a question over at Diogenes for the bear to answer but I'll put it here as well.
If anybody up there, God, ID, Alien comedians, suddenly put the Iraq situation here and moved our peace to Iraq, how would we cope?

How would we cope with the sudden noise of death?
What would they do with the silence of peace?

If there is ever going to be a solution we have to be able to put ourselves in someone else's shoes.

Happy Egg Day tomorrow.
Frivolous way to end a serious question but I like Egg Day and it's my blog.


Brownie said...

Re 'going into orbit':
I accidentally touched my friends electric farm fence with one of my arthritic elbows one time - had no pain for about 3 days.
I got one of those BioStim units when they were 'The Solution Of The Week' -
used to crank it as high as it would go, until the battery flattened.
The score: PAIN 1, Vis 0

JahTeh said...

What were you doing playing with electric fences? Electric guitars yes, but fences?