Sunday, May 21, 2006


Remember Pollyanna, the missionary's kid who wanted a doll for Christmas and got a pair of crutches instead? Her loving father taught her the glad game, that is to find something to be glad about in everything. In this case, to be glad she didn't need the crutches so they could be sent to someone who did need them. Pollyanna liked this and played the game all her life, I'd have hit father in the crotch with the crutch.

I bring this up because a couple of nasty things have happened to make me play the glad game.
At Larvatus Prodeo, a little man called Civitas didn't like the fact that I had a pension. I am, according to him, living a lifestyle I can't afford, riding on the backs of the taxpayers of Australia. This is strange because I believe he is an American. Well, am I glad I'm not him.

In another comment thread I have been called a whingeing gold digging skank. I am so glad about that. I looked up 'skank' at Wiki and have immediately revised my slang. Nothing ages one so as not being up to date with the slang du jour.

Whingeing - all the time. Always complaining about a war I didn't vote for, politicians' greed, the weather, the tattslotto numbers are fixed, football is boring, Bill Muhlenberg is still breathing. Yep all the time.

Gold digger - A slang term for women who date wealthier (often older) men as a pretense for spending their money. As anyone who reads this blog knows, older men do not figure in my life. Henry is not an older man nor are any of the other gorgeous creatures I post here. I don't visit Boy Box for the intellectual stimulation.

Skank - a pejorative slang term referring to one who is undesirable as a result of unacceptable behaviour. (the Bear is always threatening to throw me off his blog for frivolity). Most often this behaviour relates to drug use, sexual practices (I don't have to practice), and/or personal hygiene and style. No drugs, I'm on welfare so can't afford them. Personal hygiene, wtf, I shower every night and go to bed drenched in perfume but don't tell Civitas, I'm on welfare. Style, Audrey Hepburn meets Sophie Tucker which is the age of most of my clothes but I do have delusions of grandeur. I make my own tiaras and the cardboard in my shoes are matching colours.

Continuing...Originally associated with a bad smell and/or scummy or dirty surface, it has come to refer to someone who is either or both physically repugnant for their filth and morally or socially repugnant for their behaviour and demeanor, most often sexually. Leaving out the sex bit, this would apply to most politicians, our Prime Miniature, the Preznit, Osama bin lid, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Big Brother 06, Pope Benny, Prince Chuck & Fk (thanks B) Paris Hilton (I had to put a token blonde in).

Prostitutes are often associated with the term though in reference to a usually non-whoring person. In the United States, the term is used as a synonym for slut and/or whore. Not in this life but I possibly could have been a demi-mondaine in another, not for the money though, diamonds are still a girl's best friend.

So there we are, I glad I'm up to date and will stop calling skanks, slags. I just love the glad game.


JD Allen said...

I picked up a term, uh, wait, that sounds a bit like a nasty infection. Let's say,I learned a bit of slang from one of my usual blog reads the other day: "chav", supposedly like a white trash type, I was told.

We locals used to employ a term meaning the same sort of thing, "skeever" or "skeeve", which has a nice vowellish sound to it when you say it.

JahTeh said...

I have a new one too, CHUB, means cashed up bogans. In your neck of the woods, white trash with money. I do like the sound of 'skeever' though.

Brownie said...

Larvatus Prodeo is no fun anymore - too many people writing it, so I am sorry I missed the skirmish there as I would have given Civitarse a run for his money.
I have lived on a disability pension for 8 years
(without dying, so I must be a financial genius), but for the 30 years prior to that I paid huge taxes and produced 3 children who all work and pay taxes now - I feel there is some balance here.
What is Civi's problem?

JahTeh said...

Actually it was a snot called Paul Watson who called me that then Civi came on board.

If you're looking for Ron, he's shut up shop again and equally pissed with LP.

RH again leads my posse of White Knights.

Helen said...

PW is a sad, lonely little man whose monomaniac fixation on "baby boomers" is a reaction to his own personal failure. His comments about you say more about him than they do about you.

You are a lovely writer Jahteh.

JahTeh said...

Helen, I wonder if a crippled fat lady waving a pension card frightened his mother during pregnancy?