Friday, May 19, 2006


So it's not a week yet but it feels like it.

The Four Corners and Insight programmes have people talking about gays and lesbians. Good.

My mother is from Krypton. She's indestructable.

My hair is falling out. It's falling out now when the stress is gone. Life's a mystery.

I fell off the vegetarian wagon last night. I apologize to every little hoof'd thing that was on the pizza I ate. I loved it, I enjoyed every mouthful but I'm back on the veg again. It's just that I was so tired and hungry that I would have eaten the Pope's underpants.

I haven't seen my garden in the daylight for about a month so surprise me. The mandarin tree is loaded with golden goodies. They're huge and they're sweet. Decision time, eat them or mandarin jam or mandarin marmalade or mandarin sauce for ice-cream. Life's hard.

John Howard is not good for America. Every time he visits, there's a disaster. Did you see how far the stock market dropped today?

Our soldiers are the best in the world. They do their job even if they have to buy their own equipment to do it better. They have managed to not get a lot of themselves killed. So why do we have such incompetents at the top? If they can't remember to get a cd out of a computer how can they run an army?

I'm going to see the Da Vinci Code, l'll like the movie, hate Tom Hanks but it could have been Tom Cruise.

I have to go, I've missed Big Brother and Smallville's on. Life's a Tom Wellings joy.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"I fell off the vegetarian wagon last night."

You backslider you! Just when I was having an attack of the guilts about eating the shanks of Lolita cows, (no Brownie I really didn't. This is merely creative poetic license. But they did taste delicioumoustifying, if I really did cook them over a slow flame for an hour, stirring all the time and then eaten with a side dish of free range polenta - which of course I didn't. Perhaps.) you go off an have a serious foray into carnivoyeurism.

You are what you eat, you beast!

To think in deference to your vego predelictions tonight I knocked up a no-animals-suffered-or-were-terminated-in-the -making-of-this-dish stack comprising potato and parsnip roesti, interlaced with a layer of fried aubergine mixed with yoghurt, cinnamon and honey (think vego Cream'b'Tween) topped with chopped spring onions and mozarella cheese. Light blue touch paper and retyre.

Stuff you witchy woman, it's back to Steak Tartare on a bed of fried lamb's fry bleu t'morrow night.

Gerry said...

Vintage JahTeh !!!! Xcellent post, old girl!!!

R H said...

I've got a mandarin tree, but I leave them on, for decoration.

JahTeh, if you don't get an apology from that goose, or from his little farmyard of cluckers, give up support for them altogether.

JahTeh said...

It was your fault, Sedge, sending me a picture like that, you baby eater.

Excuse me Gerry, Bear, Sir but I didn't get my essay done and Ron wouldn't do it for me.

RH, am I being attacked again? If it's Civitarse, he's got a cheek, he's not even Australian.

JahTeh said...

Oh boy, RH, I see what you mean.

Now I'm a whingeing golddigging skank, just add that to my welfare bludging and my CV is complete.

Crystal said...

The last time I saw 4 Corners it was about a teen suicide.
The parents were disgusting, revelling in their grief and raving about the dead boy's wonderful potential.
They failed to mention their remaining son at all. He must feel worthless.
They probably eat meat.

Ron said...

The only jam I eat is Rose's Olde English Marmalade. This has now been discontinued (I am told by Cottees,the manufacturer, it's because Coles will no longer stock it (the bastards)). I have written LONG letter to Coles management telling them what I think. I bought all the existing stocks that I could find in local supermarkets (I did have 30 or so jars but my backup supply is dwindling fast). (Has anyone noticed how many brands of French-made jam is appearing on the shelves - our poor farmers - if Australia is ever blockaded,we'll all starve).

The point is that mandarin marmalade sounds really nice but I've never seen it available commercially. Must start looking.

I'm rambling - have a nice weekend everone.