Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This is going to be the evening sky facing north-west in Melbourne tomorrow night, June 15 at 6.00pm AEST.

The black expanse to the left of Pollux is a representation of the Prime Rodent's mind.

I'd do more sky watching but it's outside and it's cold and the neighbours think I'm perving when I sit on the roof.

I did take a photo of the partial eclipse of the moon last year. It came out beautifully, a tiny yellow dot in a huge nothing, guess who forgot the telescopic lens.

What can I say, women cannot be perfect all the time, we do have our seconds of off-time.


R H said...

I've been told my stars are coming into alignment. I don't know whether that's good or bad, but I'm staying indoors, just in case.

Hello Miss Jahteh, well guess what, I'm putting together a novelty tie collection. I've got about eighty so far, all from Savers. It's mainly cartoon characters; Donald Duck, Tweety Bird and so on. Marvellous. There's also a Marilyn Monroe, which I'm wearing (I've been told it looks nice on me). Well I do hope you find this interesting, because I do like to be chatty. If I had my own blog that's how it would be. Chatty.
-How unusual. Yes. Well I can do it. A poet must. Gossip is the finest art.


JahTeh said...

Watch it RH, you do remember the other Aussie meaning of the word 'chatty'? You haven't got one of those WW11 hand painted naked trollop ties have you? Not Donald Duck, you have to have a Daffy Duck tie. I love Daffy Duck especially as Duck Dodgers of the 21st Century. Best cartoons ever.

R H said...

No, I haven't got a trollop tie, but it sounds good. I'll look out for one.
I've got Bugs Bunny, Sylvester Cat, Uncle Scrooge, Porky Pig, Superman, Tweety Bird, The Phantom, and lots more.
I've got my Marilyn Monroe tie on right now.
I thought of changing to a South-Park, just to write to you, but it's too much bother.
If I score a Daffy Duck I'll send it to you - at your post office, or railway station; or wherever else you're sleeping out that night.


R H said...

Some dumb broad changes the spelling in her name thinking it'll turn her into Virginia Woolf, and then some crawling little ponce ticks me off for failing to notice the change.
Well golly me. So what's the penalty for that? Having to read something she's written?

ha ha ha.



Gerry said...

I'll leave you two to it then, will I?

R H said...


Three's a crowd, but with you it's a swarm.

JahTeh said...

Robbert (when did you get the extra b) bear baiting is illegal not to mention dangerous. I wish you wouldn't leave cryptic clues as to who you are fighting with now, I have to go traipsing all over blogdom to find the stoush. I bet you haven't got a bear in a straightjacket tie?

Daniel said...

I think Robbbbert is progressing nicely. When he gets six bs in his name (he doesn't wear a bonnet, does he? it will be time for him to open his own blog.

We should have a competition to find a name for it. What about Sarsaparathrilla?

JahTeh said...

Thank you Daniel, do you know just how Daffy Duck that is?

Daniel said...