Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Today for a birthday treat I let my Mother drive me the rest of the way to insanity. That journey started last night when Jamie won BB06. Nothing against the lad really, I mean he'll probably grow up, find his brain where it fell out of his earhole and hopefully not vote for Howard but my faggot loving self wanted David to win.

Now about me Mummy, the 'let's put it away in a safe spot'phobic. In the last few days I have found two brand new pairs of shoes still in boxes that she didn't remember but she put away in a safe spot. Her wedding and engagement rings in a music box which was okay because the music box was in a safe spot. The anti-biotics disappeared, the bottle labelled, 'do not move from here'(not yet found). The gardner's money in an envelope, labelled 'gardner's money' which was on the mantlepiece ready to be handed to him is now in a safe place (not yet found). The census form has now been recovered from it's safe place ready for Tuesday. I am going to have blood poisoning from the notes on my arm about things that have to be retrieved from their safe places. I'm glad the box of used Christmas cards from 1995 was in a really safe spot.

I haven't got my census form yet. I'm looking forward to having a good read and writing notes to ASIO. A few bloggers this year are deserting The Force and putting down blogging as their religion, a brilliant suggestion. The only thing better would be putting out the census paper as a meme. I hope there's a special section for divorced women to fill out.....name of ex-spouse......name of ex-spouse's tart du jour.

I have my religion ready to go. I am a Thai (there are two schools) buddhist(I'm pissed with the Dalai, he's anti-gay) agnostic, pacifist, naked bloke worshipping (no touching, just looking) High Priestess of the Cult of Blog. I tried to work in my worship of fat foods but I'm saving that in case they ask questions about health.


Andrew said...

You may well love David, but I do not. Aside from his politics, he seems to have too many personas. Ok, funny coming from me.

I take a serious view of the census form and will not muck around putting silly answers.

I did not know Dalia was anti gay, but I guessed it. Go for the other more tolerant Buddhism.

Tart du jour....love it.

JahTeh said...

Oh Andrew, never mind the personas, feel the cuteness. I never did much like the Tibetan type of buddhism, the Thai version is more gentle.

As for the census, see http://themuriels.blogspot.com for a look at some problems facing same sex families.

R H said...

What a joke. Everything gets its comeuppance, especially in fashion. How funny to see the constipated faces of the latte set now god Dali is anti gay.

ho ho ho.

Well maybe they can switch to Krishna, just as mum and dad did. It's still around. I hear their little cafe above Swanston Street is doing modest but steady business.

JahTeh said...

That little Krishna place has a very good rep RH but I rarely venture into the CBD except for a grogblogging and they don't serve booze.

R H said...

How can it have a good rep when it's frequented by that postmodernist mother despatcher Mr Mad King Geoff W.

Yes well the Harry Krishnas have to take what they can get. And they get lots of loonies. Buddhism gets lots of social workers, public servants, and other dopes. Silly females. Bred to consume.

JahTeh said...

Don't leave me hanging RH, consume what?

R H said...

Sorry, we're getting too close to my thesis; serious business.

JahTeh said...

RH, you constantly astound me. A thesis!