Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I love it, definitely the house motto. I needed a laugh after dealing with AGL gas, AGL electricity, Melbourne Water and the insurance company. Two solid hours on the phone. If Yankie Sol ever suggests bringing in timed phone calls I will personally put him on a leaky boat to nowhere.


Andrew said...

What were you doing with your utility companies etc that took so long?

Davo said...

no rats in my place ..have a cat to create the chaos.. heh.

Daniel said...

I guess the Pied Piper of the rats is Winston. His rathole is rather pretentious, however!

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I'm setting up Direct Debits from my bank account but four people told me different ways. I've filled in the forms and asked for written confirmation but I didn't apologise for saying I was going to rip out the throat of the last twerp I spoke to.

Davo, I only ever had one cat that was a mousecatcher, you might call the others welfare bludgers.

Daniel, that rathole happens to belong to us, the taxpayers. He's just a lodger but not for long I hope.