Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Some great photos from the National Day of Action on Sunday. My red dress will keep for next year and Andrew will keep me company instead of going to the football. Mind you, I'd have had to skip the walk down Bourke Street. I've done that once this year and I know my limits.

Congratulations to the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby for all the hard work. And if God didn't like queers it would have rained all day but look at that beautiful sunshine. The VGLRL estimates 2000 people met on the steps of Parliament House.


Andrew said...

I would be proud to march with you Jah Teh but it would mean we would have to meet personally, and that would destroy the fine mental images we have of each other.

Davo said...

wow, liked the last pic... but could pick out instances of three big red conjoined bal .. ball .. balloons. tch tch.. am going to have t consult with my local member about that.

Davo said...

(damn, got it wrong .. am in training for govt surveillance.. that was supposed to read "three instances").. heh.

JahTeh said...

Andrew you'll always be 6'4", built like a Greek God, smelling of roses, devastatingly handsome with a personality that lights up a room to me.

And "mental" is exactly the right image of me.

Aw Davo, got balloon fingers have you? I thought the turnout might be down this year but it was even better than last time.