Thursday, August 17, 2006


Next time a lady of your acquaintance says she's getting bread to feed the ducks, read this,,1769387,00.html and think twice.

Shut up nitpickers, you know I can't work out how to hide all this under one word.


Andrew said...

Who can blame them. Nothing like a nice duck.

Daniel said...

Why use the word 'ducks'? They are perfectly nice birds with long beaks and an attractive waddle.

Of course 'Duck Down' now has a whole new meaning!

janet said...

If you want to try to do the hyperlink thing, here are some instructions. If not, you can keep these instructions here in case you want them.

Open up a second window in your Mozilla or Internet Explorer browser and go to the page you want to link to. Up at the top, click once on the URL in its window and the whole thing should become highlighted. If it doesn't, then click somewhere benign on the screen and then go up to the URL window again and try it again.
Once the whole URL becomes highlighted, then you can copy it. The easiest method of copying (and pasting) is going up to the dropdown menu under "Edit" (and "Paste"). [But you know, I have also learned to copy a highlighted item by using the keys Control+c for copy, and then Control+v for paste, using your left hand. After your left hand learns this, it does it automatically.]
Anyway, after you have copied the highlighted URL, it's saved on an imaginary clipboard. You are now ready for the second step.

Go back to the browser window that you were using to make up your post. Highlight the word you want to make into a link by clicking and holding your mouse down while you drag over all the letters in the word. Once the word is highlighted, then look for a little greenish octagon icon--it's just to the right of the T-symbol that you click on for coloring your text. If you hold your mouse over the greenish octogon, the alternate text will come up called "Link" and you will know this is the correct icon. So, click on this little icon and a box will pop up with a window in it. The http:// will be highlighted. Don't click on it, but instead just paste your "imaginary clipboard" contents into that little window. This is when the Ctrl+v trick comes in handy for pasting, but, once again, you might feel better about pasting by using the dropdown menu under "Edit" at the top left of your screen.

Now, if you did it right, the box will have your entire URL that you copied before placed into it. The only problem might be that it has two http:// s which of course would be incorrect. You can check for that by scrolling in that little window all the way to the left to verify that there is only one http://

Next, click the OK and voila, it should have made your highlighted word into the link you'd copied and pasted. After you publish your post it's a good idea to check that it goes where you want it to go.

So, that's it! You're done!
You might want to print out this comment and keep it at your desk, as it might prove helpful in other instances.

janet said...

I left the instructions there for you a second time because there was a minor mistake/omission in the first version. I can't figure out how to delete that first version from my end here so if you want you can delete it at your end. Best of luck, and here's to ya, kid.

Davo said...

yer, well, whatever janet said .. about links, not ducks.

sounds ducky t me... as long as they're not plucked. A plucked duck is not pheasant.

Daniel said...

I want to set up The Society for the Protection of The Good Name and Reputation of all Ducks and Kindred Species, Inc.

Any nominations for President? Elections will be held then inDUCtion? Those with the names BILL and DUCKY will be given preference.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, no comment needed.

Several meanings Daniel and several of them rude and this latent sense of humour of yours is very welcome.

Janet, that's brilliant, I got everything right up to 'First:'
I can do delete now, whoopee!

Davo, thanks for the email but the brain to operate instructions didn't arrive with it.