Saturday, August 19, 2006


Oops, loaded the wrong photo but I might as well leave it and let you look. My mother, who taught me everything I don't know about saving money, bought this for me. It wasn't a present, it was because it was $40 off the rrp and according to her, that's reason enough.

I think it didn't sell because the boxes are tall, narrow and not very deep. Apart from the 'where in the hell am I going to hang that', I had to think of something to put in it. A visit to my favourite shop which now is selling things for more than $2 and I had the perfect vision. Tall narrow picture metal frames which I covered with dacron and burgundy velvet (hope I never have to repair the dress) and some of my jewells. If anyone wants to rob the place, it's okay, I just paid the insurance.

Putting up the box was an experience in patience and perserverance, neither of which I have.
I finally worked out that the hangers had to be done for one side only and then measure up for the other. It is level, my builders level sat on top for the entire operation. There were a few more holes than I anticipated on a few more walls than I'd hoped for but half a bag of polyfil took care of that. Mix up a bit of water colour from the paint box and anyone who notices has bad manners.

The good thing is, I can take the jewells off and wear them. The bad thing was trying to remember it was on the wall for about two months. Two months of walking into it in the dark.
Still doing that, stood up from the bookcase yesterday and hit myself right between the shoulder blades. It didn't move a centimetre off centre so all that swearing paid off.


Andrew said...

Nice idea and some seriously nice jewellery, except for the santas.

Helen said...


Anonymous said...

O beautiful!!!! I love your blog, very interesting, entertaining & well written!

JahTeh said...

No Santas, enamelled and jewelled trees, one reindeer and a snowman. I have quite a collection of trees and I hate Christmas but love sparklies.

Helen, I can't seem to get a comment on the blog even if I use Firefox and I've been trying to avoid this meme but here goes.

Jon Cox, you made a brilliant Giraffe. I can't believe it's 6 feet tall but it looks great.