Monday, August 21, 2006


One book that changed your life or One book that changed my view of life.

The Sea Around Us and Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.
She made me look at the natural world with eyes wide open.

And the Band Played On and Conduct Unbecoming by Randy Shilts.
Introduced me to the politics of AIDS and the hypocrisy of the US military.

Woman as Revolutionary. Edited by Frederick Giffen and published in 1973 when it was all starting.
I picked it up at a sale for $2.05 and will keep it for my granddaughters.

Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke.
My first science fiction and introduction to the idea of race memory.

One book you have read more than once

Once a favourite always a favourite so it's Lovejoy Antiques and Harry Potter.
(memo to self: berate ABC shop for not releasing Lovejoy on DVD)

One book you would want on a desert island

A large encyclopedia with a section on how to survive on a desert island.......and maybe a sub-section on how to make a bloke from a rib.

One book that made you laugh

Adolf Hitler, My Part in His Downfall by Spike Milligan and the three that came after.
(successfully hidden in the ceiling at the Blight's departure)

One book you wish had been written

The Elimination of War by the Outbreak of Peace.

One book you wish had never been written

Black Beauty.
A monster of a book to give to a child with a vivid imagination. I can still see poor Ginger dying on the road after being flogged by the cruel driver. I sobbed for days. I refuse to read animal books or see animals films.

One book you are currently reading

A View From the Diner's Club by Gore Vidal and several others in various parts of the house.

One book you have been meaning to read or one book you hope to be able to read one day.

The Downfall of Religious Influence on Australian Political Policy.

Julia Gillard, A review of her Ten Years as Prime Minister.

There's nothing in the meme rules about the books having to be written or published already.


Lord Sedgwick said...

Me alleged better 'arf is very much a Lovejoy afficondo (think she had the hots for the young version of Ian McShane) but says having recently seen a replay on the Yabby Sea she reckons you should stay with yer memories. One she recently saw se thought was cornball - but on the plus side it was peppered with notable, favorite and enjoyable character actors.

Must admit there are some books, films and TV series I wish I hadn't reread or seen again. "I Clavdivs" being my most notable revisiting disappointment. Livia at the door warning the threatening soldiers, "Wait till my husband gets home." Oh dear!

Totally with you on the Milligan stuff, and this old curmudgeon as a young kiddy ("Was I ever that", he opines)had a similar teary response to Anna Sewell's Opus. (Any relation to "Flaubert's Parrot" or "Corelli's Mandolin"?)

Andrew said...

Lovejoy was hot! Was hot. Doubt he is now. It was a good show.

As soon as an animal cruelty story comes on tv, I change channel or leave. Torture of humans worries me less.

Subtitle for your Julia Gillard book. 'Why Prime Ministerial aspirations was a big mistake in her life.' They will always fail you eventually.

JahTeh said...

The Lady Livia and I have excellent taste in men and he was hawt. He's now in a show called 'Deadwood' and his face certainly suits the title.

No Andrew I will have the Gillard as the best Prime Minister ever as soon as she poisons off most of her Labor cronies.

Brownie said...

Glad to see you know about His Hotness McShane in Deadwood - the scriptwriter (David Milch of Hill Street Blues) broke the f key writing that one. After Grog Blog is also a big fan. The show also has William Sanderson you will recall he has "my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl" in The Newhart Show.
I love all the Lovejoy books too.
Andrew - McShane is still damn hot.
The main activity in Deadwood is his blowjobs.

and I agree re Black Beauty. I am still not over Old Yeller being shot as well.
and I have all Spike Milligan's My Part In His Downfall.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Love the bit about making a man from a rib!!

Helen said...

...and maybe a sub-section on how to make a bloke from a rib.

What Armaniac said.

One book that made you laugh
Adolf Hitler, My Part in His Downfall by Spike Milligan and the three that came after.

Yes, that one's been mentioned by more than one person, I must dig it out and re read it again. The problem is, finding books in our never-tidied, never-organised bookshelves.

I don't get you guys vis-a-vis McShane. Whatever butters your muffin I guess. My current favourite bit of crumpet is Robson Green of Wire in the Blood, Rocket Man etcetera.

JahTeh said...

I can't imagine anyone else as Lovejoy, McShane had just the right amount of scruffiness for that series but I'm with you Helen for Robson Green, yummy eyes.

Armaniac, it's no good being Queen of the World without an inferior to boss around or do the hard yakka.

Thanks Brownie for having me revisit the trauma that was Old Yeller. I'm trying not to remember that otter film they made in Scotland, so sweet until the otter got splattered.

Daniel said...

Brownie, you've come back to us! What kept you?

Jahteh, books will never change the world. They just give us little cracks to peek through.

Davo said...

Read BOOKS??? a luxury us working peons can't afford.

JahTeh said...

Daniel, it's reading and writing that changes the world, books are the icing on the literacy cake.

Davo, I'm just catching up with July's New Scientist magazines and every other book is still half finished.