Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The things I do to keep my visitors happy. RH, will this one do? I know how exacting your standards are.

The hamster who lives inside this machine and keeps the wheels turning obviously had a bad day and decided to take it out on me. Outlook Express won't accept my gmail password so I'm going to have to do it all again and again and again until the hamster gets it right. I will not surrender!!! I wish I could drink. I have drugs, I think I'll go and take those.


Brownie said...

Is that Diana Dors ?

R H said...

Straight away I thought it was Jane Mansfield, but Miss Brownie is right, It's Diana Dors.

I've got a little paperback book she wrote, it's called, Diana Dors A-Z Of Men. And here's one of the entries:

If you still doubt that this is a man's world, how come it was always the women who got stoned in biblical days for adultery? They had to have men with whom to do it, and I'll bet most of THEM were married!

-Well golly me, but if that don't sound like Miss Brownie!

Daniel said...

I think a lot of men opened Diana's dors. Wish I'd been one of them!

JahTeh said...

She had a brain as well as a body and did she make a lot of films. I was surprised at some of them. Mansfield wasn't a dummy either but she knew how to act like one since men preferred her that way.

R H said...

'X is for MR X.
As opposed to Madam X, usually the lady in a divorce suit not wishing to be named. There are plenty of Mr X's creeping in and out of ladies bedchambers who are never discovered and thus do not have to appear in divorce court at all.

The most notorious one I ever knew was quite unique in as much as, unlike millions of other men who do not get on with their mothers-in-law this one got on top of his, regularly.'

[Good heavens. Well what a dirty dog!]

'L is for DANNY LA RUE
Danny has been making a living out of dressing up as a woman for thirty-two years...'

[Yeah? Well plenty do it for nix]

'L is for LAZY MEN
I can't abide laziness in either men or women. But I can think of nothing worse than a woman, as many do, having to get up early on a cold winter's morning and go to work leaving her man snoring between the sheets.'

[RH - this is your life!]

R H said...

Excerpts above are quoted from Diana Dors' A-Z Of Men. Copyright Diana Dors. Futura Publications 1984.