Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The poor receptionist at the vet's had never seen such a convoluted way of paying an account.
Some cash, one credit card at the desk, one credit card over the phone. All the family chipped in to get the cat out of hock. Is he grateful? Hasn't spoken to me in four hours. He checked the mohair, filthy look because I'd washed it. Checked the tennis balls, filthy look because I'd piled them in a pyramid. Toured his garden domain, filthy look because the vet clipped his claws and he couldn't dig a deep enough hole. As if half way to China wouldn't do instead of straight through to the centre of the earth, I mean he's not an elephant and he never puts the dirt back anyway.

Just as I was congratulating myself on my computer skills, latest is setting up gmail, I found out I'd emailed myself. Pride goeth and all that. I've ditched NineMSN which I hate but kept hotmail which is just as bad but I'm going to put that on the blog as soon as I figure out how not to crash everything. Everything is installed and uninstalled. I may start signing myself 'N' the rest of the 'erd' will follow in good time. I even joined Library thing.

The book meme has certainly done the rounds and my prize for best answer came from Boysenberry. His answer to one book you wished had never been written.......Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard or is it Ron L. (for loopy). Apologies to all the 'ologists' out there, give it up, you'll go blind.

I'm now going to risk life and limb by giving the cat his antibiotic. It's liquid, comes in a little syringe which goes in the side of his mouth. So simple says the vet. If I was getting that much money I'd find it simple too.


Andrew said...

A neighbour used to pay her vet $10 a week. Did not matter the size of the bill, $10 a week. It was waste for such a horrid dog. Btw, your crack about Chipp on my blog seemed to have had an unexpected result. Are you really that dangerous?

ThirdCat said...

gotta love that syringe. First one is easy. Then they know...good luck, copperwitch

Link said...

G-mail? I'm impressed. I tried to do this once, they reckoned they were going to send me something, probably a password via SMS. groan. No mobile reception here, and subsequent trips into town never bleeped an unread message.

How could you be so cruel to your cat? After all he's done for you, you ingratiate. Barbequed chicken morsels, is the only way to get out of coventary from whence you have clearly been banished.

Anonymous said...

Your having a rough trot lately!Ah cats!....my advice is to by some chooks...low maintenance,eat the scraps, eat the bugs in the garden and fun to watch....what does a cat offer but that bad attitude!

Anonymous said...

Oh.....i forgot. and give you eggs, and if you've had enough of them.... they are tasty!

JahTeh said...

At one stage Andrew I had 4 cats and 3 dogs and was never out of debt with the vet but I did pay it off over time. This method seems to have disappeared although they'll take half up front and a month to find the rest. The GG did warn you about my talents.

Thirdcat, it's 24 hours later and I haven't even managed to get the bottle out of the fridge without him taking off.

Don't worry Link, I've been all day trying to get it to come through to outlook express with not much luck. Don't be surprised if Ron changes his blog and hides from me.

Chooks are just as needy as cats Zoe, but I've been throwing out parrot food and getting a few of them. The magpies have been eating the cat food old toothless couldn't handle and the rest are having wild bird seed. I hate it when they sit on the empty bird bath and wait for me to fill it. I thought we were supposed to be the top of the food chain.