Sunday, August 27, 2006


The things I do for my commentors. Sorry RH, this is the best tart I could come up with at short notice but she's got red hair. Mine used to be that long but one gets old and things fall off or out. Now if you had asked for a bloke, I've got plenty of those but you had to be difficult.

The computer is still playing games with me. Norton is fighting with ZoneAlarm. I've turned off AVG so the spammers are out in force again. Poor dears, when are they going to realize I don't need another 12 inches. I need an anti-gravity hold everything off my feet bra. I will resume the 'pooter tussles tomorrow.

That's after I take the cat to the Vet. He hasn't eaten in days except for a few licks of ice-cream. I'm hoping it's just a wonky tooth and not something more serious. I'm still paying off the mortgage on the last cat. This is the last pet ever. I'm supertitsious, sorry freudian slip there, on the other hand I am rather supertitsious but I did mean supertitsious. It's not me it's Hal, he was always one for the boobs, stupid computer. You know what I mean, the thing about black cats and not walking under ladders so I won't put the kitty litter away because the minute I do, some stray furball will be in under the gate. That sounds a bit callous, I mean this one is still with me. Blame Hal, he doesn't like cats, boobs yes, cats no.


R H said...

Art Deco. Thanks very much, I ask for a perv and you give me culture. What are you, a bourgeois?

Well okay, I'm promoting you - straight to Blog Soda Pop.

Andrew said...

I use Zone Alarm and AVG and they both work beautifully. Only alteration was to AVG to turn off email checker as Outlook Express was showing emails to have attachments when they did not. It was only the 'checked by AVG' info. I am an unpaid up member of the the anti Norton Society. Begone from thine pc Norton.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Hal sounds absolutely like my kind of adolescent arrested development obsessive.

I hear the word 'cups' and the last thing I'm thinking about having in me hands is something stamped 'Royal Doulton'. "supertitsious" is the hand me down of choice around this neck of the wood.

Gotta go, Bronnie's banging on the door.

(Will free her from the cellar one day ... promise! Well, a lick and a promise at the very least.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

Oh yes, the Freudian slip

... sorry.

Davo said...

cats are fuzzy logic support systems.

{ah well, i thought it was funny)


JahTeh said...

Give me a chance RH, I'm not into sheila perving and I want something spectacular for your edification.

I haven't dropped the Norton yet but I'm going to install AVG again and hopefully it will be okay.

I bet Bronnie's banging but I bet it's not the door. Pace yourself, remember the heart isn't what it was.

Davo I love that saying but not when he just cost me $447.00 which I don't have but the family's digging deep.

Ron said...

Andrew is spot-on:

I wouldn't haven Norton on any computer I own (all five of them).

The free AVG, ZoneAlarm and Ad-Aware are all you need.

Daniel said...

Jahteh, Robert is fairly demanding as you probably know. But to threaten you with Blog Soda Pop is really going too far.

Burning at the stake would be preferable!

JahTeh said...

Don't tell me you got banned from there as well Daniel.

Everything is installed now and working my beloved blog fairy.

Daniel said...

To my knoweldge, I've never been banned from anywhere, jahteh! However I have decided to opt out of some blogs on several occasions. They were all pain and no gain!