Friday, August 25, 2006


Pilot praised for emergency landing4:50 PM August 25
The flying school owner whose plane made an emergency landing at Moorabbin airport in Melbourne this morning says the pilot did an outstanding job.
The twin-engine Beechworth, carrying pilot Brad Lacey and his 24-year-old student, came down on only its rear wheels around 11:00am AEST.
Mr Lacey had been forced to circle the airport for around an hour to burn off fuel after discovering he could not lower the nose wheel.

I watched this through the study window while I waited for the downloading.
Straight over my roof, sharp bank to the right and down.
I thought at the time, cutting it a bit fine mate.
He had a whole ritzy golf course to land in and he missed my house.


Andrew said...

It amsused me how the passengers praised the skill of the pilot. Like would they really know?

Daniel said...

How come where I live provides so little excitement? Can I ask for my money back?

JahTeh said...

They landed Andrew, I'd have praised everyone. It's a worry though, with so much of the land around the airport sold off for Factories but like I said there's always the ritzy golf course.

Honestly Daniel there have been times when I thought I should get up and open the front and back doors for the plane to go right on through. I can't stand the whingers complaining about the noise, the airport has been here forever so they didn't have to buy here.

janet said...

JT, I sympathise with your week as well. It's Friday night here right now and yesterday was also Friday, so what happened?
Re viruses, I am not sure from your post the other day as to whether you are now all set up with a good virus program, but here is one that's free, free, free. A friend told me about it after I'd paid Symantec/Norton too much money for two years.
And I hope you don't do any banking online.

JahTeh said...

Thanks Janet, I now have ZoneAlarm and some firewall thingy but haven't updated the adaware yet. Still having problems with letting my email through, the computer freezes for some reason. I was very good about deleting most of the trojans, *waves flags*.

Ron will be back on line Monday and he will fix things or he won't get another photo of the yumyum I sent him Friday. This one we both agree is totally declicious and ripe for consumption.

JahTeh said...

Oops, sitemeter has disappeared. It will have to be two pictures of yumyum and Ron will still kill me.

JahTeh said...

Janet, I uninstalled the AVG email checker which refused to uninstal twice but now I can send emails without it disconnecting from optusnet. Like I don't have enough insanity around me, the computer has to go all 'Hal'.

janet said...

Sorry I cannot help you much more because of my own computer illiteracy and frustrations. Hal, yeah ... that's why I have the sound turned off most of the time. I don't want to know what's being planned; I'd rather die in my sleep....

R H said...

Well I consider sleep to be practise. A rehearsal. For dying.

ha ha ha!

Hello darlings. Yes, you know it's me. RH, loving you like never before. That's right, so listen, does any darling here know how to delete Spyfalcon? And all those trojan jiggers? Tell RH. And be assured, he's not wanting to be a nuisance, just trying to save money. ha ha ha. (Truly)

And now for a little comedy. A joke. Sweetiepies "It has come to my attention" that the cerebral lady scribblers over at soda pop are having a little pow-wow about censorship. What a joke. Because RH was censored there - not for obscenity, and not for abuse, but for asking an awkward question. Wooh! How disgraceful. That's right. Well anything displeasing to this self-protected mummy-please-make-it-go-away cloud--nine bunch of boneheads is utterly forbidden. Indeed. Questioning is forbidden. Especially of their ability. Of which they have none. It's Disneyland. Total fantasy. Mediocre heaven. Absolutely. The advantage of being dead is you stop dreaming.

JahTeh said...

Rh, you haven't been poking pointed sticks at the bears again, have you?

You can always enjoy my mediocrity any time.

R H said...

Well I object to Miss Grogon claiming she's a world famous poet. And that she is better than me. She is not. My poems make sense. You can understand them. They are not words pulled out of a bloody barrel!

Dear old Soda Pop
Such a load of slop
But RH's hand down Grogon's top
That'd make her Hop!

ha ha ha!

Beat that.

For simplicity!


JahTeh said...

Good one RH, talk about putting your hand in the shark's mouth.