Friday, August 11, 2006


Once again I'm not supposed to be sitting at a computer. I am supposed to be resting, well I'm sitting down, good and I'm not reading the news, better. Somebody has a blood pressure problem. It's just a little bit high. I'm sure the sharp pains in the head aren't related to it. Probably some other problem I haven't sussed out yet.

So because I won't take medication for something that's only stress related, it's rest and no stress. No thinking about Mother, stray cats, politics and no outing to the city on Sunday. I've had it too long for the gas bill to cause it, oh my lord, the gas bill. It bookends with the 'oh my lord, the electricity bill' and sits on a shelf made of the 'oh my lord, the house insurance'. Oops, heart rate is rising, pains in the head are making my eyes water.

So I rested, in bed, with the phone and two years of bills. I've calculated how much to direct debit each pay based on the two years of loot I've paid to fat corporations. I'm even caving in and getting a phone banking password for the times Mother has me tied up in knots and I can't get to the bank. I'm old fashioned, I pay by cash which apparently is going out of style. I like having the cash in my hand even if it's only for an hour. I refuse to grocery shop online, I'd never find the chocolate specials or the donuts on their last leg and going out for a penny.

So I'm not sitting at this computer, I'm resting, in between phone calls from Mother who wants to know if I feel better. Funny about that, I get pains in the head after she calls, maybe it's the phone.


Link said...

Keep breathing JahTeh. In, out, in, out. Bills and money and sometimes mothers, are not worth worrying about. We do not increase ourselves with worry. (Somebody famous said that) Only our blood pressure. (I said that).

Daniel said...

Sounds like you should take the phone off the hook, close down the internet (it's only a source of worry), drink a large glass of whisky or vodka, then, pulling the covers around your head, retire from the world for a few hours.

It'll still be here when you wake but it will look better I promise! Hugs.

Sam said...
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Ron said...

When I win Lotto this week, you'll my first houseguest at my new apartment at Surfers.

R H said...

There may be rain
In this hilly landscape
All grass and distance
Nothing living.
But riding slowly
-At heart's insistence
I make my way
Back to you.


Brownie said...

Dear RH - thank you for that. I buried the dear little cat on Thursday. Vet said 'spine injury from fall - big big bucks for surgery and no guarantee', so my week was shit.
Dear Coppy - don't fret for that 'warm holiday' - I had one once and the problem is that they end.
Dear Ron - I will be on the doorstep too - the Surfer's shore at 8am is the most wonderful place to be.

JahTeh said...

Link, you must do Ampersand Duck's meme. She calls it the remember to breathe meme, 12 things that keep her alive.

It would be very good for you too Daniel.

Ron, where's that book meme I sent you?
You're procrastinating and I'm so curious.

RH, game for another 12 things for us to know about you.

Brownie, My heart has been breaking for you. Mother Damnable had a post on a spell jar for keeping a new house safe and I should have made it up for you.