Thursday, August 10, 2006


This is where I want to be on Sunday and where I plan to be on Sunday but unless the ice packs and the zapzap unit do their job, I won't make it. I've lost confidence about going into the City again even though it's only across from Parliament station. I went to the rally last year which was the first time I'd been in the CBD for nearly ten years and a big first for me. This year too many trials and too many falls have knocked me around a bit. I've got two days to get into shape and I'll be doing my best to get on a bus and a train. I am woman, watch me whimper.

This is too important not to be there. Last year I saw a lot of loving couples, same sex, big deal. A lot had children, well loved and looked after and more importantly, wanted. That's WANTED to complete a FAMILY not to gain a $3000 baby bonus. There is no valid reason same sex couples shouldn't be able to marry, be civil unioned or partnership registered. The Federal government can shove us into a war involving death unlimited but can't accept that love between two people of the same sex doesn't mean the end of civilization as they know it.

I've sent off my membership renewal to the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, actually I have a feeling I've done it twice but call it double the commitment. I want every gay and lesbian teenager to be able to live without fear of being thrown out of home or beaten to a pulp because of the homophobia flowing from the so-called moralists in this country.


Andrew said...

Oh. I was hoping to ignore this one. But your passionate post has inspired me. Guess I better go.

Daniel said...

Any parent that would do that to their own child cannot truly call themselves a parent.

Ron said...

And now Ruddock wants to ban adoption by same-sex couples. What is the matter with this example of a walking dead man?

GLBTQ rights are going backwards, let alone going forwards or becoming equal.

Hope your aches and pains get better. I just hate this bloody arthritis which is taking over my life.

JahTeh said...

Get the camera and go Andrew, you know how rotten I am with photos.

Daniel, when you think how many kids from war-torn countries could find a good home with same sex families, it's maddening to have Howard wanting to ban their adoption. If this legislation goes through it means that if other countries change attitudes about same sex couples, this country can't.

A nice warm climate Ron, that's what we need. I just got my gas bill, oh dear me.

Daniel said...

Ron, sadly there's more sinister things than arthritis taking over our lives.

Arthritis is a scourge but at least there are medicines and painkillers.