Thursday, August 10, 2006


Seagulls are the messengers of Angels.

They have to be seen in unusual places or at unusual times.

Ravens are the carriers of Angels.

They carry away the unhappiness in our souls.

There is no black or white, light or dark where Angels are.


Davo said...

mm, seagulls are angels?? Nice to know that angels live on leftover fish 'n'chips and garbage. .. heh.

JahTeh said...

They're only the angels' messengers.
My son took this photo and putting it up here doesn't do it justice.
The Sun is shining through its wings in the original. I wanted to put something of his here, it's eleven years today.

Anonymous said...

Can you share with me how you know that seagulls are angels messengers? I'm a born-again Christian and I believe in Angels and in Seagulls, so I'm curious. I'm sorry for the pain you are feeling for your son, I know it's huge. How beautiful a soul to take such a photo. I found this blog searching for seagulls and Angels...