Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This is Charles Amadeus Mozart B. He's just 6 weeks old and so cute.

This is Charles 4 weeks later. He's already found out that cute will bring rewards like food and more food.

Three years later and HEEEEERE'S CHUCKY! After making gluttony his life style of choice, Charles became an expert on food. How to scrounge, snatch and steal anything that took his fancy. Mum's cupboards still bear the scratches from his claws as he would climb up to where she was carving the Sunday roast. He would have eaten Tom Cruise and the lamb roast. We tried everything to discourage him. The diet food from the vet cost a fortune and when it wasn't enough, he stole from the dog's dish across the road. If we had visitors, we counted the children as they left.

When he finally went to that great litter box in the sky, or in Charles' case that great cat pantry, we had a letter of condolence from the vet for 'the loss of your much loved cat, Charles'. I'm sure they were completely sincere as he was the main contributor to their solvency.

As for cats, today I did a good deed. I have had a tom roaming around the garden for the past week and could that cat howl. Not the normal tom-type screaming but a crying howl which would go on all night. He would get into the house at every opportunity and a little spraying would occur followed by me hosing me out of the yard. He always came back until I couldn't help myself and I fed him. He didn't eat with me there but the bowl was clean so I kept filling it and the cat. He stopped howling for a few hours at a time.

My last two cats were stray toms and very wary of coming near even after feeding them for weeks. Getting them into the cage for that little snip job was murderous, I still have the scars. My beautiful Greystoke actually bit through a vein on my wrist as I was shoving him into the cage. He arrived at the vet covered in blood and they asked when did he have the accident, never mind me fainting from blood loss.

This one was different, walked up purring, let me pick him up, into the cage and that was it. I covered him with a blanket so he wouldn't be frightened in the car and not a peep. The neighbour from next door was very willing to take us to the animal shelter. They'd had as much sleep as me over the last week. The vet said they'd have no trouble finding him a good home as he was so friendly as well as being a beautiful looking cat. He was being tested for feline AIDS and having the snip this afternoon. In two weeks, after his coat is washed and combed, he'll be up for adoption. I'm sorry I don't have enough money to feed two animals or I'd be back.

He was so friendly I'm sure he was a family pet that was either abandoned or not neutered because of the cost. He may have caught the scent of a female and become lost in the chase. I do know that he'll have a chance to go to the family he deserves. I just wish it was mine.

Always buy your animals from a shelter. They've been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and your money helps more animals.


JahTeh said...

I forgot to mention that he also had about 5 inches of his fluffy tail fur missing due to a huge abcess ruptering.

Andrew said...

It seems so long ago, but I have had pusseys. One male was a wonderful loving cat, the other two, a male and a female were horrid. Will scan the photos one day.

Btw, I too would eat your Mum's roast and Tom Cruise. Perhaps I have feline catty tendencies.

beepbeepitsme said...

RE: Cute cats.
"Sieg Meow"

JahTeh said...

Landsakes, Andrew that first sentence had me reaching for the smelling salts until I read on. You have questionable tastes in men, Mel and Tom!

JahTeh said...

Beepbeepitsme, we share a love of cats and the same piece of music and as a fellow standup bullshitter, welcome.

Davo said...

Hope that you recognise that feral cats, dogs and foxes (effin immigrants) have been the biggest destroyers of the delicate local wildlife. Whatever happened to the Bilbies? Am not a great lover of cats (apart from the bloody great fat fluffy thing that sits on my lap while typing). Hypocrisy is a two edged sword. heh.

JahTeh said...

That's why all animals should be neutered before they're sold and breeders limited to how many animals they can breed. A licence and a test before owning an animal would be nice as well.

mscynic said...

My cat (also named Charles, also big) was a stray. We were told he has feline AIDS but he seems to get healthier with every day.

My cat before him was big too.

I believe it is overwhelming love that makes my animals grow so big.