Monday, September 25, 2006


Next Friday is save the Koala day so don't get it mixed up with Sunday which is International Day for Older persons.

I'm an Older Person so send presents early, I don't have much time.

I've been a bit remiss in giving bouquets lately. Bouquets to taxi drivers because recently I've had some really ace ones. The sweetheart who was so lovely to the ancient cat I was transporting to the vet and the two I had on Saturday night. If taxi drivers want to make a heap of cash, cruise the Dandenongs on a Saturday night because there are never enough cabs at three in the morning. I apologise to the other guest at the party whose taxi I unashamedly stole. You were having such a good time on the dance floor I didn't want to interrupt you but I'm sure you got home eventually.

The party was great, as usual, except for the part where the fat lady fell over and I was sober at the time. My Cuz loves to lean on a shoulder but when that shoulder tried to lean on a wall that wasn't there, well down she goes. The bruises are technicolour but nothing broken except my dignity so I decided I might as well drink after that. Champagne cocktails no less. But I didn't try the new drink in a can, a combination of schnapps and irish cream. Champagne is much better for pain, I didn't feel any until today.

I had compliments on my dress which sparkled and my hair which had sparkles sprayed in it. When I did that the cat was sitting on the bed and he sparkled and we are both still sparkling. If I remember from last time it takes a week to unsparkle. I should unbruise and unsparkle about the same time.

Now don't forget Sunday. Something male, young and wearing spiffy underwear should do. Don't forget the green eyes. Not hairy either. Not too many muscles, I like softness. Just because I'm old doesn't mean I can't be choosy. Don't forget the cologne, expensive cologne.

PS. Hugs and kisses to the sweet creature who thought my red hair was natural. Aren't the young delicious?


Andrew said...

Some people know how to flatter easily. Real red at your age, if it ever was.

We were complaining about our friends and the glitter that hangs around after they do drag and Dame M disagreed. She loves to see the sparkles from where ever weeks after she has had a party.

I can see where she is coming from.

Zoe said...

A choice between "save the koala's or save the oldies" on friday!

Did I read right!

mmmm....I'd send a man like that,jahteh, if I could only find one myself. You are fussy aren't you!

Bit of bling going on hey! Post us a pic????
Zoe xx

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Sunday which is International Day for Older Persons."

The Sunday during which 'witch and 'wick will be celebrating IDOP by cavorting naked at dawn in the shadow of The Shrine of Remembrance. (Or possibly the Shrine of Forgetfulness.)

Smart young things and the horses will be frightened within an inch of their lives.

(Forks for the stabbing into eyes will be available upon a gold coin donation to the Royal Society for the Reserection of Long Lashed, Green Eyed, Smooth, Gently Muscled Pantalooned Young Hot Totty.)

Daniel said...

I think the National Party needs to be spiced up a bit so the idea of a gettin' In-Ter-Nationals day is great. Shame Vaile moved somewhere else!

P.S. Sounded like a great party, Jahteh! Wish I'd been there.

P.P.S. I'd send you a stud but I don't know any. Sorry.

JahTeh said...

Second go at replying, stupid blogger.

Watch it Shirley, I could have been a redhead, I was supposed to be a redhead, dumb angel put me in the fat line twice.

Zoe, I'll share him with you, after I finish with him, shouldn't be long, the young have no stamina.

There'll be no 'wick' if you're cavorting at dawn Sedgers, according to Rumour & Innuendo, my private eyes.

Daniel, you may join the witch and wick in dawn frolic but we'll have to sacrifice you for looking at our gloriousness.

Andrew said...

I am overwheight, my b/f is overweight, all my friends bar one licker are overweight.

Thankfully none are real redheads.

And don't call me Shirley plese.

Bet Milord has a fat gut too.

JahTeh said...

No such luck Andrew, the old codger is whip thin.

phil said...

If they had an international day for older koalas, I'd be there with eucalyptus on.