Tuesday, September 26, 2006


WWP has loused it again but you can almost see my brilliance. Tiara above is the Queen Victoria. Pearls and crystals, worn with my black velvet and acres of lace.

This is the Czarina. Pale mauve pearls, amethyst crytals and irridescent purple bugle beads. The beads are so gorgeous that I was tempted to take it apart and re-use them but it's my favourite head piece so it has to stay in the collection.

This is Autumn Fantasy. Gold berries, hand made gold roses and frosted burgundy berries. Looks great on red hair and goes with burgundy velvet. The only dumb thing is the frosty bits tend to come off and linger in the hair for a week or two. The first time I wore it, I panicked a bit until I realized even nits didn't come in this size or roll around the scalp. I can't bring myself to break this one up either.

My mid-summer madness. It cost a fortune in silk gerberas to make myself look a mid-summer prat. It sits on my bedside lamp to remind me that I can go out to a party alone and have a good time even if I had to fight off the bees. It doesn't show up very well but that white bit in front is a diamente beetle, just a little finishing touch.

I've taken photos of Saturday's green sparkle velvet and its original green velvet and pearl headpiece but knowing my skills, the dress probably won't sparkle when everything else sparkles too much. I am toning things down a notch now that I'm in my dotage, I only wore a huge green beaded comb in the tresses and equally huge emerald and diamond earrings. Neither of which moved when I fell on my 'harse'.


outofctrl said...

Wow. They look amazing.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Almost as impressive as the bead and jewel encrusted jockstrap you lovingly crafted for me to wear to the Brownlow Medal presentation. Brought me luck it did. Won the 1932 in a cakewalk I did.

Sadly it disappeared sometime during the post award party, never to be seen again. Not naming names, but Lillian Frank has never looked me straight in the eye (or crutch) since that night.

JahTeh said...

Don't worry MiLord, I'll replace it for Christmas, working in miniature is what I do best now.

OoC, You're gay, liking twinkling tiaras is a dead giveaway.

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