Sunday, September 10, 2006


We are thinking of clouds. This is another wave cloud. The photograph was taken in 1999 by Beverly Shannon and the cloud has formed over Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is a volcano in the Cascade Ranges of North America
Mt. Shasta has become the focus of myths and legends, both native American and New Age.

One of the myths concerns this cloud formation. This is a Lenticular cloud taken at sunrise and reflected in Lake Siskiyou. The clouds are said to be the hiding places of UFO's because of their plate shape and formation.

Mt. Shasta's energy is said to be magnetic and healing. The town of Mt. Shasta has 16 Christian churches and a Buddhist monastery. Numerous cults and sects believe it to be on an energy grid.

Apart from the UFO's, there is the story of the ancient race of Lemurians from the drowned continent of Lemuria who live inside the mountain and can appear and disappear at will. These beings supposedly mastered atomic energy, esp, electronics, science and had airships which flew them to Atlantis. They don't seem to have mastered geology since they couldn't stop Lemuria disappearing under the sea.

People still report strange lights on the mountain which is regarded as one of the nine sacred mountains of the world. It's also an active volcano with a history of explosive eruptions.

In the meantime it makes some fantastic clouds and not a bad rainbow.


Brownie said...

Everyone who knows me is weary of hearing my mantra: We are all hurtling through outer-space in the pitch dark clinging to a spinning ball of molten rock.

Puts all the small stuff into perspective if we pause to behold the swirling gases and air currents.

Beautiful pictures thank you CW.

Kurt Reply said...

Yes, beautiful pictures and narrative as well. Those wave ones are amazing, JT.
I had the good fortune to fly over the Cascade Range once during daylight. I grabbed my camera to get a photo through the scratchy acrylic window, not caring about the quality, because it was too gorgeous to pass up. In the almost-empty plane I scooted back and forth, right and left, to see as much as I could. There they were: at least three of the big Cascade chain of volcanoes poking up right through the solid layer of white clouds below me. It was absolutely amazing, especially when I condsidered later how far apart they are on the map, how tall they are, and how huge, simply huge, they are. My friend living near Ranier tells me it creates its own weather patterns.
Ah, the things those airline pilots must see....

tigtog said...

Beautiful photos, JahTeh. I'm a full-on skeptic but nonetheless fascinating by our human mythmaking proclivities. No wonder such a place is considered magical.

Daniel said...

You've done it again, Jahteh.

I've often thought while looking out a plane window that to jump out and, while weightless among the clouds, to dance my way up and down the canyons and the peaks. What a marvellous feeling that would be, for once an eagle rather than an emu!

JahTeh said...

It's okay for brownies, they cling closer to the ground.

kurt reply, I am so jealous of your good fortune. Pictures are great but not as good as being there.

Tigtog, the Indian tribes in the area even had the mountain as the centre of their creation myth which includes a woman doing the wrong thing, as usual.

Daniel, if you're ever sitting next to me on a plane I'll nail your feet to the floor. Have you ever considered base jumping?

Daniel said...

I'm sick of base jumping, jahteh. I've lived is sooo many places the idea of moving again leaves me cold! Cheers!