Tuesday, October 03, 2006


One year on line and I didn't think I'd last a month.

Everybody has a blog birthday so I thought I'd have a New Year Blog with new resolutions.

No more posting of naked sex objects. He doesn't count, he's wearing a top, almost.

No derogatory remarks about the four-eyed fat git of an ex and his thin-lipped pudgy faced beady-eyed blonde.

Learn how to hide links which I've been trying to do for the last twelve months. Thank you to all the lovely commenters who've sent instructions. I've kept them all and read them every day. I anticipate understanding them by the year 2010.

Stay away from politics, the mud is too hard to remove.

Stop going to myspace and laughing at the dweebs.

Stop going to Mugglenet and playing Harry Potter games and telling myself it's intellectually stimulating, not time wasting.

Find a way to destroy spammers.

Be kind, sweet, good and loving to my fellow bloggers, stuff the rest of the universe.


tigtog said...

Happy blogiversary, JahTeh! Mine was only a few weeks ago too.

I admire your steadfastness in your resolutions.

Daniel said...

I'm an echo of tigtog. Keep up the good work.

Please don't leave your blog for weeks on end because the gremlins get in.

Your character shines through your blog lifting us all up! Cheers!

outofctrl said...

Congrats! Here's hoping there'll be many more to come.

Lord Sedgwick said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lord Sedgwick said...

What I said above before I scrubbed it was priceless, but given I didn't want you to max out your Mistresscard I had to delete it.

(Then again I might have clicked "Publish" instead of "Preview".)

What I really meant to make known was that I am rooly pissed off that you would publish a photo of moi from my worst side.

Apart from that, take a well deserved bow Ms Witch.

Helen said...

Happy blogiversary, Jahteh!

I'm enjoying it heaps, and please don't stop with the entertaining vignettes about the ex and blonde, provided you always emerge victorious.

blog robbert! said...

Congratulations Miss Jahteh; you are the ultimate, the parmesan on my spaghetti.
And Dunniel, wake up to yourself, that woman on your blog might be okay as a drag queen, but she is not good looking.

kurt said...

Jeez, what a party I almost missed out on! I always hear about these things 13 hours after the rest of you!
Where's my hat, oh, oh....
Whoops, there I go all the way down the stairs.... Pass more champagne, please. Let's keep going til midnight's passed 'round the globe a few more times.

Andrew said...

Well done. A diverse read always.

JahTeh said...

I might have to break one resolution, tigtog, so many cute guys so little blogging time.

I see I have corrupted you Daniel, posting pretty girls now and take no notice of the gremlin's remarks.

OoC, I'm going to keep blogging until you are fabulously wealthy and famous or until I win Tattslotto and get you to handle my finances.

Goshdarnit, MiLord, what priceless pearls of wisdom did we lose with the wrong button? Your worst side is the one behind your bow.

Helen, have heard about the grogblog but can't make it, I'm mother sitting again.

Robbert if you get a blog we can have the party at your place next year and think of your poetry floating round cyberspace.

You should migrate downunder Kurt, we welcome all refugees but don't come by boat unless it's a freighter loaded with Champagne.

Andrew, I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to set this blog up and sat at the keyboard trying to think of something to say but you can't keep a bad mouth shut once it gets going.

Gerry said...

Happy BlogBirthday, CopperWitch!

Want less spam? Easy! Disallow "Anonymous" comments.

With so many new resolutions, you are in danger of becoming a "nice" and "safe" blogger. Blyerrrrchhhhhh... :-)

phil said...

Damnitall I missed it. What everybody else said. And "you go girl", I believe is an accepted congratulation so - "you go girl."

JahTeh said...

Wot, me, nice and safe! Well I've never been so insulted in all me life if you don't count wot the GG usually says about me.

Phil called me 'girl', swoon, another blogger to put in my will.