Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I hate having to give up something I really like but I'm making the supreme sacrifice because of this ad.

I love Mentos mints, peppermints, fruities but after watching the new ad campaign I'll never be able to pop another in my mouth.

Half naked guy, well they had my attention there, eats an icy mentos and grows nipples the size of tentacles.

These tentacles are very versatile and gross. If they were any more gross they'd have vote Liberal stuck on the tips.

They move.

They poke things.

They wave around.

Did I mention they move, and in different directions.

I am never eating another Mentos.

The company will lose a fortune.


Andrew said...

I like mens's nipples. Interesting how some men have dead nipples and some don't, and some are trainable. Wonder if the same goes for women. Anyway, the ad is gross.

Zoe said...

I havent seen that one yet!
Is it as grose as the ad where the tongue leaves the guys mouth to go searching for a beer?
I quite liked that one.

Daniel said...

A trainable nipple, eh! Well I never. On another blog someone said he wished his penis reached his anus!

I guess doing the rounds of the blogs puts you on a steep learning curve. But does the curve move upwards or downwards?

JahTeh said...

Trainable nipples are new and yes women have twitchy nipples, uummmmmmm cashmere sweaters on nekkid bits.

Zoe this is worse than the tongue. I liked that same beer ad with the fighting fridge and pool cleaner.

Daniel, where have you been lately, I'm beginning to think the gremlin's getting to you. Just curious though what was the blog address?

Daniel said...

No, the gremlin has not got to me. I just feel sad that so much talent is so wasted.

I was also going to ask, the trained nipple, what does it do after training? Dance? Catch fish? Cheers

Helen said...


Lord Sedgwick said...

"yes women have twitchy nipples,"

... and me (like the venerable Bill Oddie) am a twitcher extraordinaire (i.e. a watcher of birds, ever, ever ready to cast me peepers on sub-cashmerian chesticular region twitchings... how adolescent!.)

janet said...

These adverts sound awful! Who do you suppose thought them up? The Dutch whose product it is? Are they that absurd a people? Or Aussies? I have not, thank goodness, seen either of these of which you speak.
I love the mints.

kurt said...

You people are disgusting :)

kurt said...

Oh, I take that back. Not as disgusting as that Toohey's commercial which I have just watched before going to bed. Nightmares for sure.

tigtog said...

I haven't seen it and I'm glad.

R H said...

humanitarian dan who hates Jews and Christians is a funny sort of humanitarian. This piece of shit claims not to demean people yet happily publishes comments about masturbation with a Rosary. Well I'll tell you something pimp boy, it's primed me, and a lot of others. And I'm especially hoping you cop your right whack, soon enough. You shifty gutless little creep.

Daniel said...

Jahteh, is your site going to become a home for slanderous comments too?

R H said...

It's funny too that an "ex-jounalist" doesn't know the difference between slander (speech) and libel (print). You can claim I libelled you, that's all, but it's fair comment in the public interest.
And here's another: you'd like to control what's said on every other blog, just like you do on your own, but that's a dream. -As is your entire Walter Mitty life.

Daniel said...

Robert, sometimes you actually sound like a normal person. In fact it's hard to imagine that your last two posts on this blog were written by the same person.

What you don't understand is that, if I were to pursue you for libel, I would have to sue Jahteh because your statement both appeared on and were left on her site. Brownie is in the same position.

Robert, why don't you grow up and stop creating problems for everyone?

R H said...

And are you the same person when feeling calm and when feeling insulted? Maybe you are, which would explain your emotionless prose. Otherwise I might think you're an act: full of cunning and deceit.

R H said...

And don't try browbeating these people; my statement made here about you is factual (check your blog). And in the public interest as well.

There's an underlying menace -a derision, in everything you've said to me. In my opinion you're very sinister.

R H said...

Sue for libel? What a joke! And what financial loss -or loss of reputation, would you seek to prove?

Don't waste your time Wally, don't play tootsies with me, I know the law; I've mixed with drunks.

JahTeh said...

Are you two boys fighting again/still?

JahTeh said...

Janet we have another ad which is a take off of the film 'flashdance' and has a big bloke doing the dance to promote his beer and that is funny.
I don't know if that beer is Toohey's though Kurt, I'm usually laughing too much to notice.

R H said...

Yes well how can a bloody scarecrow sue for defamation?

It's not a real person, and nor is "Daniel". Who knows his true identity?

Give it away Wally. The game's up.

R H said...

And Wally, thanks for reproducing Blog Robbert's comment in bold type, it looks a lot better. Although I don't think your Imam would be awfully impressed. Ask him next Friday.

R H said...

You've been a journalist?

My arse!

You don't even know the basics, i.e. defamation law.

And who'd ever employ a boring cliche-ridden bastard like you anyway?

You can't write, that's all. And never will.

sexy said...