Saturday, October 07, 2006


I was browsing through TigTog's Hoyden About Town blog yesterday and followed the link to another blog, Pandagon. That post had me still thinking this morning and I went back to read it again but the site wouldn't load and my computer froze so go to and read TigTog's post, Pro-sex, anti-misogyny: where's the non-vile porn?

The original post is about the increasing violence towards women depicted in porn videos and how it has escalated in recent times so follow TigTog's link to it.

I've only watched one porn movie in the last twenty years and that was as boring as watching John Howard lie so I'm not an expert. When I first connected to the Internet, I was accidentally directed to a porn site and to say I was gobsmacked is putting it mildly. I was working my way through an archaelogy webring hub and one of the sites had been hijacked to sell their rotten movies. The stills from the films were bad enough but the language describing what men were going to do to women was worse.

Follow the link and go to Pandagon and read with an open mind.


Zoe said...

I don't think Im game enough to do that.
I know first hand how badly men treat woman and It's triggered by porn and workmates and the whole social male pecking order of sex= ego= status.
It's heartbreaking. I'm raising boys with my "hatred of men" in mind! (It's not men, it's our society).....

Brownie said...

Weak men take out their frustrations on women. and not just blue collar guys either. platinum Amex holders throw chairs and dinners at their wives too.
'Assessing Good Character' should be a HSC unit for all girls.

Ron said...

I thought the post's title was "WHEN RON'S NOT QUITE RIGHT" for a moment!

Janine Aussie said...

It is really aweful some of the mysogeny out there. I can recall once blogging about some of the mysogenistic things a couple of bloggers were saying towards Brigit Gread and myself some time back.

Sublimated rape fantasy if you ask me.

Link said...

Good idea Brownie, hell I could'a used a better education in assesing good character. Basically I'm going to blame John Howard or more broadly the conservative anti-women backlash that we've had to endure. You know back to the good old days of pregnant, barefoot and chained to the kitchen sink to be let off only for a good beating followed by a relieving fuck. Has/did anything every really change? Brownie; pity about the FUCKING PLETHORA of WEAK MEN.

Ron-that's funny. (sorry that my comment's not)

JahTeh said...

Janine aussie, if you go to Pandagon, there's another link from there to a post on a rapeporn site which is very scary.

Zoe, I raised my son and nephew to respect women which I think is just part of the good manners creed we pass on to children. Unfortunately there is a strata of our society that didn't have that teaching and will never pass it on.

Brownie, High school girls assessing good character is a laugh, look how many voted for dumb Jamie to win Big Brother. A pretty face will get them every time.

Gee Ron, it's not like you to misread Pr0n. Haven't been on the Cab Sav with the Bear? It would be interesting to get your son and daughter to read that post to see if they react differently.

Link, apparently it's our fault for the weak men. I've seen posts on other blogs where they say the real men are made weak because we like them washed, nicely dressed and with manners. It's not my fault if a bloke wants to wear raggy shorts and smell like a sewer, it's a personality defect in him. I see you're visiting your mummy, good luck.

R H said...

It's nice to blame males for romantic failure, and then to hate them all. Very convenient. And stupid, because women just as bad.

JahTeh said...

RH, I'm the most romantic fool where people I love are concerned. Look at the things I do for you.