Sunday, October 08, 2006


The figure above shows a composite image from GRACE satellite data showing the gravity changes for the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. (Image courtesy of Shin-Chan Han, Ohio State University.
If you want to know more go and read this

Update.....Finally, I hid a link and published and it worked. Thank you Davo, thank you Ron, thank you Janet, thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys. Now if I could remember how to convert a gif to a jpeg then I could do the post on Brocken Spectres which is really interesting but a photo is worth a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

I never thought gravity could be affected by shifts of the earths crust!

Lets hope they spent some money on a warning system of some kind for the poor people living near ocean fault lines like they spend on reseach to determine the effects of such an event geologically. : <

Zoe xx

JahTeh said...

They've got a warning system in place but a more comprehensive one is still in the works. Education about tsunamis and the signs to look for is what they're doing at the moment. Always watch the animals, if they're heading for high ground, follow. This was such an immense movement in the crust, it's actually visible underwater.