Thursday, October 19, 2006


I can't get the page to load. It says 7 items to go and then a big blackness. The only way in is to search for trifle then click the link to me and I'm in. Just because I won't go beta blogging. I can't use old blogger. What damage would I do with a new format?

Anyway I've been cleaning. My admiration goes out to women bloggers who clean, look after kids, work and blog.

My sewing room has a floor and now I can see it without 50 kilometres of cotton threads. There is a window and now I can see the garden where before I could only see sky over the work table.
I can get to the lace cupboard. I can open the wardrobe doors. I keep thinking I'm in someone else's house when I walk past the door. Last night I even turned the light on before I went to bed just to go "It's clean!".

I washed the curtain at the back door. I must put this on my list of things to pass down the generations. My mother watched me one day as I spent an hour putting the hooks back on this curtain and wanted to know why I bothered taking them off. Well they get snagged in the curtains, don't they! "Why don't you put the heading with the hooks in a pillowcase tied up with string and wash them that way?" Terrific idea and it works and why didn't she tell me this important information when she told me to hang them up wet so that as they dry the creases fall out?

In a mad fit which won't happen again too soon, I also washed the bedroom curtains. If Alice Springs is looking for its topsoil I have in it my washing machine. I had to wash them twice but such dazzling whiteness which shows up the dust in every corner. I did find the legendary lost graveyard of moths though and I have proof. Admiring the lovely brightness yesterday morning, there was another moth, hanging in the folds and dying, all over my shiny shiny lace. He'll have to stay there, I'm not climbing on the bed again unless the chandelier asks me nicely to clean it. Dodgy knees don't let one climb on the bed from the side. I have to climb on the blanket box, hoof it over the bedend and stagger to the window and wrangle umpteen metres of double lace curtain. No wonder I let it go a delicate shade of grey before I go through that.

In unrelated news, the cat is eating and eating and eating. The food line starts at 6 in the morning, I wake up at 8. One of us is going to be re-trained. I think it's me.

I've been home for three days while my sister has been watching Mum. I cannot tell you how shocked I was to see how bad she was today. The deterioration in her short term memory is just unbelievable. We've just about given up on getting the pills into her on time. As long as she gets the morphine and she's not in pain. From now on it's all downhill and it's a real bitch so pardon me if I don't give a rat's about the rest of the world until the day it's over.


Anonymous said...

I did find the legendary lost graveyard of moths though and I have proof.

So, now everything is moth-proofed, is it? :)

Good for you, kiddo, on the cleaning. It sure is a good feeling of accomplishment when you look a the result, ey?

And, yeah, vent all you want: and do indeed take it out on Booger--they deserve it. The bugger acts up all the time; yesterday it wouldn't download my pics for a couple of hours. I have blogs where the font matters; Blogger messes up fonts within the SAME post. I guess we get what we pay for.
JT, hug everyone you know each time you see them. Hug them really hard.

janet said...

oh, that was me, Janet.
and even now, the comments tell me this document contains no data, the heartless b astar ds

ThirdCat said...

My admiration goes out to women bloggers who look after their mums.

JahTeh said...

You know what really gets to me about cleaning, it never stays that way so I try to minimize the stress by not doing it too often. Janet, I think blogger's on a mission to make us change to beta.

Thirdcat it gets to me more when I have a few days off and I can really see the difference. We've even given up on the meals, if she wants to eat Sao biscuits with honey for tea and enjoy them, we let her.

phil said...

I might have to encourage mrs vvb to overcome her utter lack of interest in the 'sphere and do a few posts.

Also blogger no longer 'remembers' me.

And with you on the situation with your mum. Yeah, you have the right approach - just do whatever works. Remember to breathe in and out and know we're thinking of you.

R H said...

Sometimes I don't realise I'm doing something funny until someone points it out. Me and a pal once had vegemite on dry biscuits for Christmas lunch, then years later we laughed about it, but only after I realised it was funny when I saw him laughing.
I'm doing some hard work right now, renovating an apa-a-a-rtment. But I'm lazy at home. Weeks ago I bought some tomato plants and they've now got tomatoes on them while still in the pots; I'm hoping to plant them in the ground this weekend.
So how's that, lots of gossip. Well I love gossip, and those who do it, it's one of the sweetest things about people really.

Davo said...

r_h, ya actually DO something? amazing .. heh heh. JT, my turn to get paranoid, Blogger is giving me th irrits tonight. Buut, whaddya expect frum a "freebie" capitalist organisation. Free today, ve suck your blood later.

janet said...

JT, you mentioned Booger is on a mission to make us all change to Beta.
Yeah, like they couldn't get the first basic model right so they thought they would go ahead and make a more complicated version that they surely haven't gotten right either. Ahem, excuse me, (no offence meant to half the population) but this sounds to me like another case of someone thinking bigger = better. :)
As for other things going on with you, JT, I hope you are doing well.

kurt said...

Hey, kiddo, look what I found for you:

Your Mt. Shasta pics led me there.

Link said...

Hi JahTeh, sorry to hear that your Mum is going down hill so quickly and forgetting things rapidly. That's a great tip when washing curtains too. I sometimes think that alhzeimer's is a sort of safeguard for the mind that no longer wants to know all the world and all its crap, just as long as she is happy I reckon, but hard on you girls.

JahTeh said...

Thank you RH for reminding me I had a tomato plant which is still in the pot.
I just had a look at it and tomatoes are there but it's looking a bit frazzled. Come back in a week and remind me to re-pot it.

Davo, they did send me an email within 24 hours which surprised me but I've had trouble with other blogs this morning.

You may regret that Phil, after all you know how addictive it can become although I'm sure we'd all like to know exactly what she thinks of your music, beer and old cars. Pandora's box, anyone.

Kurt, lovely lovely time wasters, just what the internet was invented for and that wasn't sarcastic. It's nice to come home, log on and go somewhere that isn't here.

Link it's only the short term memory. She's remembering things from 30 years ago and with detail that I've forgotten.

Lord Sedgwick said...

As they say, it can only get worse.

Keep yer chins up mate, you dogged ole battler you.