Sunday, October 15, 2006


Another Sunday of wanting to rip the paper to shreds. Brendan Nelson thinks it's a good idea to offer our young people a year in the Army to see if they like it. The Prime Rodent says he will never bring in conscription unless this country is attacked but he likes the idea of giving our children a taste of Army life for a year. They wouldn't have to stay beyond a year if they didn't like the life. These two could stand on a stack of their precious bibles and I wouldn't trust them to lie straight in bed.

Family groups are on the warpath again, accusing school teachers of celebrating homosexuality in the class room. The Education Department's anti-homophobic bullying policy is under attack by the usual suspects, Australian Family Association and the Australian Family Council. They state that the policy which respects and celebrates diversity will have the opposite effect and encourage bullying. Our old friend and foe, Bill Muehlenberg thinks a pro-homosexual agenda is trying to hijack the bullying programs to push a pro-homosexual policy on children.
According to the Department, "The most important thing teachers can do is create and continually model a school environment that respects and celebrates diversity" and I would hope prevent the suicide rate of gay kids rising any further. As it's election time in Victoria, the opposition spokesman Martin Dixon also put in his two cents worth and agreed with the Nutter families.

Perhaps I wasn't in the mood to laugh off the idiocy this morning. Friday was not good. We discovered that Mum had slept most of the hot day on Thursday and unfortunately meant she hadn't taken any of her pills including the morphine. It's taken us two days to get the pain under control again but the pill situation is getting worse because of her short term memory being about 10 seconds long. My morning routine is to tell her what day it is so she knows which row on the doucette pack she should be using and then stay on the phone while she takes the pills.

Yesterday, I had my sister on the mobile and Mum on the landline at eight in the morning. South Eastern Water had been digging up the nature strip from 4 o'clock and the water was turned off. Mum was panicked about not having enough to drink until I reminded her I could buy bottled water. Sis was at work after a morning shower of one cup of water. I rang SE Water and spoke to a very pleasant girl who went to no end of trouble to find out what was going on and how long for the water to be back. She then said to ring if anything else was wrong and it would be taken care of immediately. The trouble was a burst pipe which seemed to be three miles underground by the look of the excavation. The whole incident was enough to throw Mum off balance again and she lost the pill plot completely.

I spent the day with her, she slept and I got to read the RagMags, Sis buys and passes to me. One of them had a feature of glamourous ladies from the 1920's to now. I can already wear a little black dress like Audrey Hepburn or more truthfully like three Audreys. The one thing I would really have loved to wear and could never, were the silk shirts and slacks of Kate Hepburn. No skinny jeans or midriff tops for her just a casual elegance. We do share one thing in common, hands in pockets. I love to walk around with my hands in my pockets and copped a few detentions for the misuse of blazer pockets. More like misuse of Prefect power.

One thing about all of these fashion photos really bugs me. Short short dresses and high high heels. The 1960's short doll dresses and low heels were a match but sophisticated strappy Manolos and itty dresses look mismatched. I'll just bypass comment on hiphop artistes. One photo I did love was of Elle at the airport looking like three miles of bad road. It made me so happy. Yes, I have a little bit of bitch just under my lady-like verneer. Sue me!


Andrew said...

Agree, who could trust Howard and co. But I don't think it is bad idea for recruitment puposes or in some cases personal reasons. Someone does their year then returns to realise their dreams, and if it does not work out, there is always the army to fall back on. Join the army, go off to foreign climes, kill some people, trauma, life long pension. Gold card TPI.

phil said...

"Ah yes, a bit of discipline is what these young scallywags and tearaways need. Bit of the birch, look, it did your grandfather no harm, he's a fine looking woman. Unlike these young homosexuals in year 4. Feminisation of teaching, that's what I put it down to. Too much namby-pamby. A bit of the birch never hurt anybody. And a good history lesson."

I have to say JT, you seem to have a similar 'problem' with authority as me.

Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

"Brendan Nelson thinks it's a good idea to offer our young people a year in the Army to see if they like it"

Having been there, I can tell you that only a few types of people whould take him up on his offer.

Patriots, Liberators, White Supremacists, Saviours Of The Universe... These types will rush into the programme, and in time will become the "misfits" of the future (a big "Hello" to Bruce Billson.)

JahTeh said...

Andrew there'd be some hidden clause in the contract, probably written in invisible blood, where you'd never get out. I'm sure the regulars would rather have the dollars spent on better equipment and a few bullets.

I'm sure that Muehlenberg would love the birch back in schools and only history to be taught back the 6000 years of the bible.

Agree with you Bear. How many Parliament sprogs would be first to join? I don't know why they're surprised that enlistment is down. According to Nelson, it's not like it's dangerous or anything.