Thursday, October 12, 2006


World's worst photographer is at it again. In the clean up of the bedroom, I decided that it was time to move the winter gear to the other end of the wardrobe and replace it with the summery tents I wear. They hang on these. I 'invented' them twenty years ago when I had so many wire coathangers from the Blight's coats that I was sick of making trellis out of them to grow Jasmine on.

These have been doing service for at least fifteen years and I did tizzy them up a bit with new ribbons and pearls for the photo. The covering is felt, stitched with a needle lace stitch which goes the opposite direction to blanket stitch and gives a nobbly finish and the dresses don't slide off. Never one to take half measures, I put bias binding around the handle, finishing with satin ribbon. The oval decoration is felt, hand embroidered with roses and finished with large pearls.

I don't get wire hangers these days but I'm rather pleased at how long these have lasted. A lot longer than my clean ups do.


phil said...

It's evidently true that things like this multiply in the cupboard. Just that no-one ever catches them at it.

Ron said...

I went out and bought heaps of the Kmart plastic hangars (nice colours like pink and purple) and threw out all the wire ones.

Link said...

Yeah I don't like wire coathangers and I keep my eyes peeled for nicely decorated hand made ones. Never seen any like these though, good idea. I have a handmade coathanger that was my grandmother's from her school days. (it has her name stitched on it).

Ron said...

Speaking of grandmotherly crotcheted type coathangers - remember sometimes they had bags of pot pourri or lavender tied to them?

Well I think I've moved into grandmother mode as I have this craving for lavender - I now have lavender shampoo and conditioner, liquid soap, toilet spray, bathroom gel etc. etc. Now my daughter wants me to dye my silver hair: I wonder how she would handle pink or purple?

JahTeh said...

It's a bit like the cannibal socks Phil, you know, the ones that eat their mate.

Plastic breaks under the weight of my dresses and you give new meaning to the phrase 'lavender menace' Ron. This year I've gone very spicy instead of lavender and my wardrobes smell of mandarins and cloves.

Link, I started out this craft lark with cotton coathangers and some of them are still going, then it was chiffon, lace and pure silk. No inbuilt obsolesence with me. (I've tried four different spellings with obsolescence)

janet said...

As long as I've shared colorful, sparkly goodies with you in the past, I might as well add this one to the pot, Miss CraftLady:

Aren't they delicious? I have an imaginary $500 order with them.

Davo said...

"multiply in the cupboard" sheesh, sounds like 5 cent pieces. On the other hand, why do i have more wire coathangers in the cupboard, than 5c pieces?

JahTeh said...

Janet, you are a sadist. It's bad enough that I spend hours at the rainbow page now you give me this.

As you can see Davo, comment went through okay.
I love 5cent pieces, I have a jar that takes exactly $5 and gets them out of my purse.

janet said...

Yes, JT, colors are so wonderful...those firing cones in my retina must be linked to the, ahem, pleasure centres in my brain as strongly as are other organs because quite frankly looking at beautiful colors is as good for me as eating chocolate or you-know-what-else.