Tuesday, October 10, 2006


After the rain, a wonderful double rainbow followed by a glorious sunset.

Both photographs taken in Albany, Missouri by Dan Bush and published at http://www.missouriskies.org. Thanks to Janet I'll be spending a lot of time here. The photographs are magnificent.

Civilizations come and go, philosophies and religion change but Nature remains.


R H said...

Well it's eleven oclock and I've had another bloody day at home to ponder the fact that I'm a flop, a social disaster. No one visits me. Even the cops don't raid the joint anymore. I was hoping Wally might bring me some company in that way of things but it looks like I'll wait forever. Well thanks anyway Wally, thanks for being such a good citizen. Quite a sacrifice. Community spirit is greatly admired, but doesn't get you many roots.

-Robert the Vulgar.
(From the Volga)

Nice rainbow.

R H said...

Wally wake up, how ignorant are you really? Or are you just trying to standover people? It's one or the other. Wally anonymous people have the same legal status as corpses, they cannot sue for defamation. The case you cite is a KNOWN PERSON. You are not. We don't know who you are Wally, you use a false name; a hidden identity. So how can it be brought into disrepute?

Wally you are a laugh, and a sad one too. I'm finished with all this.

JahTeh said...

RH, I think you have blogitis after the last few weeks at the keyboard. You need a rest and re-charge of the batteries.

R H said...


How dare you!

What a cheek. Well I'm reporting this to the police. Straight away. Because I do not have BLOGITIS! I have no venereal disease whatsoever. Okay? What are you trying to do, queer me up with every widow in Footscray!


I'll Sue!

Yes I will!

ha ha ha!

(at large)


JahTeh said...

I said you had blogitis not blogorrhea. Now go and rest and start dreaming of a Melbourne Cup winner for me.