Sunday, October 08, 2006


I was hoping that GoFugYourself would have this photo after seeing it in today's paper. See all the money in the world won't give you style. Katie is so mixed up she's put on her strapless cocktail dress and her sunglasses. The dress has a tulle petticoat as well. Vic Beckham looks frail under the weight of her non-surgical enhanced boobs (so she says and would she lie?). They both look like a pair of vampires in search of a good meal. The photo I saw of dag Katie had her boobs going in an opposite direction to her dress, doesn't look as bad here. Ugh Beckham is just ugh.

This was lovingly brought to you by a fat lady who's just had a decent meal and is now looking for a chocolate bar.


R H said...

The one on the left has got an interesting dial, but the other one's a bit of a yawn.
I'd give her to pussy boy; if he ever tried anything she'd beat the shit out of him.

JahTeh said...

She's going to marry Tom Cruise and be a good scientologist, the other's married to a footballer and spends money. Intelligence level zero. Yes that is totally bitchy because the two of them combined wouldn't make up my left leg.

lucy tartan said...

Truly appalling dress on Katie there. Posh Spice is a bit better, but not much.

They could both do with a sandwich and a bit of sunshine.

ThirdCat said...

"they both look like a pair of vampires in search of a good meal"

brilliant. I will have to work hard not to steal that line.

Lord Sedgwick said...

OK I know I'm totally blokey tart whose taste resides in his mouth, but I wouldn't bed eyver of 'em.

Reminds me of a fine quote (the attribution I can't remember, but think it was some Japanese poet bloke) talkin' about mermaids.

"Not enough fish to eat, not enough woman to love."

Link said...

As the photo slowly unwound I was rooly hoping that one of them would have ugh boots on.

I have one piece of dark chocolate with almonds in it left.

R H said...

Darlings I've just taken a peek elsewhere and I am amused -enormously amused -golly but you've no idea. Unfortunately I have to stop laughing and go out, but oh goodness gracious I never knew this internet could be such wonderful value -and all for just 29.95 a month, Savers you may weep.


Brownie said...

Sorry Lucy but both frocks are tragic when the wearer's wealth is factored-in.
Thank you Copperwitch for gently easing us into the horror of all the inappropriate cocktail frocks which will be worn with sunnies to the spring racing events.
I have always maintained that the crowd weaping at the funeral of Diana Spencer, was not grief but horror at the cocktail fascinator worn by the Duchess of York (as was).

JahTeh said...

Ladies, picture in the wedding pages of the Sun yesterday of a gorgeous dress.
Gold satin long line morphing into ivory with the gold overlain with lace and crystal & pearl embroidery. A Baccini & Hill creation, probably cost a zillion but the bride's hair was in long loose ringlets (blonde) which would have looked like rat's tails by the end of festivities. The crowning touch was the bouquet, succulants, bloody cactus no less. A gown worthy of Grace Kelly with ringlets and cactus. Enough to make a grown woman cry.

The tarts are in trouble if His Lordship the Leacherous won't touch 'em.

Never mind Link, do R M Williams boots come in pastel?

Rotten Brownie, now I have to go and check my books for that fascinator. Apparently they're out for the Cups this year, big hats are in. Goodie, I love it when the wind whips in.

RH, peekers can get arrested.

Zoe said...

LoL !!!! To all of you....

And to think that fake/shabby look cost them thousands...The dresses don't look like they cost much though and I have sunnies I brought for $10 that are nicer.
Agh...Don't mind my put downs,I'm just jealous that I don't look like a cheap, fake, tryhard !

HA, ringlets and cactus! You described the horror beautifully jahteh!
Zoe xx

R H said...

Have a laugh, go ahead, but when Wally gets me pinched will you hock the silverware to bail me out? Whoa! ha ha ha. Just kidding. Well I can't ask the others here, they wouldn't have five bucks between them!

ha ha ha!

(No appearance, Your Honour)


I cross my heart, it's true.

R H said...

Cross my heart
I love you
Yes I do
Miss Brownie,
You're as sweet
As a Boston bun.

ha ha ha.

Yes, well she never was a Miss Havisham. Ex-hubby has all the cobwebs.


R H said...

Wally now knows what slanderous means -having thought it meant 'libel'.
The only thing blogging needs to clean it right up is the insistence that everyone use their full and proper name. That'll get rid of all the charlatans. Imposters and cheats, including Wally.

(still at large)