Thursday, December 21, 2006


Aawwww aren't they cute. It's a family of poof penguins and that's exactly what it says in the online Christmas Shop. I did go all Christmassy and buy two tiny reindeer from the $2 shop and I called them Rudy and Dolf. I couldn't afford the penguins but one day I'll be rich and watch me shop.

I'm always kind to little old ladies at this time of year, just in case I'm entertaining an angel without knowing it. Westfield was full of them today although it might have been getting out of Melbourne's bushfire smoke. So when I was held up by a lol in Safeway, I politely waited for her to get moving. Since she could hardly see over the trolley, I felt a kickstart would have done some damage. I waited and waited and wondered if she was ill but no, this old girl who looked about 105 was TEXTING on her flip up camera phone. She was going like the clappers. I can't text that fast. Good thing I didn't hit her, she was probably texting Santa about the nice fat lady behind her.


BwcaBrownie said...

I CAN'T 'text'!

I have just come in from the garden of the house I am entrusted with, and the 2 rosellas at their foodpole ignored me completely as I passed only 2 metres from them. It is lovely here.

On an unfamiliar but lovely computer, which does not remember my passwords, I had to Google to find my blog so I entered 'Bwca' and got such a laugh out of the results:
"Faerie Encyclopedia
The Bwca - They are the Welsh version of the Brownie (see above). They have slightly nastier tempers and are prone to tantrums if their work is criticized. ...

R.H. said...

You can say poofs, but bogans get hung for it.


Hey Miss Brownie, you should try MY life, birds ignore me all the time!

ha ha!


Davoh said...

Save yer pennies (damn, why does that scan better than "save yer cents?) and go see "Happy feet". Australian filmic expertise has done it again!! yay!.

JahTeh said...

I can't access my emails if you're reading this Ron. A little sign says failed to find server. Ever since IE7 nothing has gone right on this computer. Now I can't even update the AVG.

JahTeh said...

Davo I'm looking forward to seeing this film but impossible at the moment, Mum's taken a bit of a turn for the worst.

JahTeh said...

Rh, birds might ignore you but not graduates of the Elly Lukas School of Elegance, isn't that right Bwca?

Anonymous said...

I believe you could MAKE those cutey penguins yourself, you crafty old witch you. I'll bet yours would be even better, with bigger smiles and sweeter eyes.
Here's wishing you the best for Christmas, my dear. May your days be merry and bright.

Ron said...


I've got two King Parrots (male & female and hopefully partners - they mate for life) that come and sit on on my knees and eat seed out of hand.

A lovely experience.

(PS I am not ignoring JT's email problem: she emailed me to day all now OK).

Happy Christmas to all JT's wonderful readers.

BwcaBrownie said...

Oh RH I laughed at your Funny.

JT? - you can't access your ASVG? I dont even know what mine is! if I have one. will life improve if I figure out how to acces it?

I'm going to bed - lotsa books here.
2 biogs (Sir Ian Potter was surprisingly readable) down last night till 4am and tonight I am opening a Jenny Eclair and an Alexei Sayle.

Goodnight all.