Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Did you know that in place of flyspray you can spray a blowfly with Spray Starch?

This is so it can't fly around and annoy you.

The idea being that its wings stiffen up and it can only lie around dying of starvation.

You also don't have Old Timer's or dementia if you can still read.

So if you catch your Mother writing herself little notes like.....the black square thing is a video and the round flat thing is a DVD......then she's only a little nutty because her memory is shot.

She is living proof that a person can survive on apricot jam and toast.

Such are the things my Mother taught me and that's just today.


Andrew said...

Our neighbour's daughter bragged that due her very healthy diet, her mother would live to be very old. She was not a tea and toast person. Of course she didn't live to be very old, in spite of her growing her own bean sprouts. When the fridge is bare of left overs, go for the tea and toast.

BwcaBrownie said...

Please tell her from me, that when the spray starch runs out, Pure N Simple works the same.
They drop like a stone - even wasps - and no evil chemicals get on the food either.

I also live on tea and toast with apricot jam.

JahTeh said...

I love tea and toast, Andrew but not piddly little bits of sliced bread, doorstop chunks with fresh jam, Earl Grey Tea, Magor & Williamson's is the best. If you put the cheap Earl Grey Dilmah in the M&W tin with the good stuff, it's not bad.

Earl Grey too, Brownie, if so see tip above.