Monday, January 01, 2007


Not really, it's been utter crap so far. Mama had a massive panic attack yesterday because she went to sleep and lost her glasses. Lucky me, I'm first on the speed dial, unlucky me because there's not a taxi to be had. Luck changes and a neighbour gives me a lift.

I'm still having trouble with the crackling phone and kindly Telstra tested the outside line and joy to me, it's the line inside the house. This will cost me up to and over $100 depending on what has to be done.

If it fixes the crackle and the dial-up connection trouble I'm having then it's worth it. I just won't tell them I'll be paying it off 50 cents a month on the phone bill.

If I don't answer comments or emails blame it on Telstra.


phil said...

We are also with crackle and have spent some months girding our loins to have a meaningful interface with Telstra to organise testing. Complicated, I imagien, because our account is with Optus, but it's Telstra that still does the tests? The joys of competition.

JahTeh said...

I'm hoping that it's something simple but the inside lines haven't been looked at in 30 years. They did do a good job repairing the outside one when the garbage truck took off with it. That was definitely possum trouble, making the wire sink lower and lower as they used it for a bridge.

Andrew said...

Recent problem? Had some rain? Moisture somewhere, perhaps where outside line connects to inside line. Don't pay to have your old wires looked at. What can go wrong with them? Apart from something chewing them. Do you feed your p.., ah, cat enough?

JahTeh said...

Joy to the world, it was the outside line and Telstra pays. Pages are loading and I haven't been disconnected in over an hour.