Sunday, March 25, 2007


For my 400th post, an announcement and joyous I am to announce it.

TheMuriels, Kelly and Samantha have passed the first trimester of their pregnancy.
The nuchal fold ultrasound showed a perfectly healthy baby.
There is an extremely low risk of Down Syndrome.
BabyMuriel has a normal skull and abdomen and is 5.24 cm long.

Of course, this means the end of civilization as we know it.
Two lesbians in a 13 year relationship, having a child will bring down fire and brimstone on every hetero family in Australia. Johnny told me so, and Abbott and Costello too. I won't get hurt, I have a tinfoil hat.

Go Team Muriel. I'll dance at your wedding yet.


Middle Child said...

All a babe needs is love and a home...

as these Christans like Abbot say "let he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone" and then they dump a bucket of rocks on tope of us all.

Mindy said...

yay team Muriel. Hope all continues to go well.

JahTeh said...

I got so mad when I read how the girls were ignored by Senator Fielding who just refused to reply to letters sent by lesbians. He refused to reply to a straight grandmother as well but I kept writing to annoy him. I'd send letters by post, email and then I started the blog and put them there. I can't see why two people of the same sex who love each other should be discriminated against.

Mindy,they've been trying for three and a half years for this baby and they intend the father to be involved in the baby's life as well so it'll be very loved and wanted.

Mindy said...

Sounds like a very lucky baby. I'd like to slap Senators like Fielding who think they have a monopoly on morality and love. I think I might be at the back of a pretty long queue though.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Shockin' provocateur that I am, I'd like to think (for the purposes of making Fielding stand up and answer for being the faux dissembling dessicated a*sehole that he is ... and not to dump on the admirable Murielielsiels) Senator Fielding is outed as the father of Jahteh, the Godmother from Hell'n'back's long waited "gawd-what'm I doin' here folks, I expected a much better world" enfant terrible.

Unlikely as all get-out, but piquant.

Anonymous said...

Don the old tin-foil hats, friends together, and lets dance joyously around a fire of burning "prime weezel" portraits screaming........."YOUR MOVE"!

And "Who's your Daddy Now!"
Sorry, got carried away in the excitement...

JahTeh said...

You've done it this time you geriatric colonial leftover. That's done it for sex forever, the thought of that man even dropping his strides...bucket... bucket.....need bucket.

It's funny Zoe, but you only have to drop the word 'rodent' in any company and everyone knows who you're talking about but Abbott is worse. He wants us all back under the sign of the cross and women under the thumb. I always hoped that Vanstone would lose it one day and give him a backhander.

Middle Child said...

Abbott is an unctuos arsehole...but don't be fooled by that bit of praise. He is a brilliant man..."if only he used it for goodness" he's a really bad person to have in so much power.

There is something reptilian about him.

Call him old "Opus Dei" if that gives a clue to where his braiwashing comes from.

Middle Child said...

I meant his brainwashing

JahTeh said...

Reptilian, MC, with those ears. Vampire bat more like it and if he can't put his religion aside in Parliament he shouldn't be there. I said the same thing to Fielding in one of my letters which he ignored as usual.

Middle Child said...

Ahem! His name is Tony Magott (apologies to the magotts okay)

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Oh, WOW! Only just catching up on your blog, JT and came across this glorious post.


You're amazing.

Kel & Sam
aka The Muriels