Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Far TMI in that last post, have to distract 'em quickly. Easter Eggs and more Easter Eggs.

Who in their right mind diets just before Egg Sunday? Normally not a problem, the chocolate in these eggs was always terrible but not now.

Safeway have a recipe for a Rocky Road egg. All the ingredients are on the page, ready to buy in your supermarket aisle. It looks gorgeous but I'm strong, skip that page.

Target, on the other hand, have an egg I'm going to have a lot of trouble with. A Jessica Walker totally indulgent nut egg. Caramelised macadamia nuts coated in milk chocolate and formed into a 600 gram egg, with a ribbon. It's on special, $24.99, I save $5.00 but even at $24.99 I'd want Ioan Gruffudd naked, with a ribbon, to deliver it.

I could go for the Rocky Road egg with 9 Rocky Road clusters or the Ernst Hillier Liqueur Creme and I definitely have to buy a Fair Trade Egg to be fair.

Or I could just eat the page.


Anonymous said...

Ya know I have never really liked the chokkies and no, not because eating them while I was dancing was taboo!
Could we trade taste buds? I can see what all the fuss is about and you can become a super model and deal with all the stupidity that goes with it! lol

Refresh the men on the fridge about this time of year, my dear, or come and stay with me cus I don't have a single one in my house!!!! ; ~)


JahTeh said...

It's not just the chocolate Zoe, I love macadamia nuts and they're caramelised, that's just cruel.

Middle Child said...

You remember the old Cadbury's chocolate you got about 25 - 30 years ago... The plain milk one.

It was so lovely. It was reallycreamy and sweet but not so sweet that it made you ill.

These days it tastes like shit...its more sweet than creamy...who are they fooling.

Our eldest 32 turned up here the other day with a block of milk cadburys...and said "taste this mmmm" She had found some blocks of Cadburys plain dairy milk made in Ireland and they still make it like the old ones...

The Irish know whats good for them... I feel like some chocolate right now... but we've eaten all she bought home.