Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I need him to worship at my feet and bring me one dozen

gorgeous (match to him) pink iced (go well on him too) Hummingbird cupcakes and

a dozen Sticky Date cupcakes. ( he can stick to me anytime, anywhere)
Cupcakes courtesy of SuYin, Cookingismypassion.blogspot
The other cupcake courtesy of genetic serendipity.


Andrew said...

Not bad at all. You get it right at times. Oh no, word verification poxhj

BwcaBrownie said...

oh! oh! ooooh! Culinary Pronography again.

not perfect though.
the individual serve concept is spot on
those paper wrappers are gonna slow down the process.

Honey roasted macadamias are my absolute 'inhale them now' choice for a de-stress.

JahTeh said...

He's mine mine mine mine mine Andrew but I'll let you have a cake.

Honey roasted macadamias, droool.
You're right about the paper wrappers, they should be made from rice paper which is edible. A tower of cupcakes is in favour for the wedding cake because it saves on desert. I'd have needed an Eiffel Tower to have fed my lot.

BwcaBrownie said...

Un Tour d'Eiffel ?
That would be the croquembouche stack which was the rage of weddings in the early eighties, probably for the very dessert-saving purpose you mention

R.H. said...

Count Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower twice to suckers for scrap metal, but it's still there, the stupid thing. Hitler should have blown it up. He had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be *&^$%# ed I thought it was just me crying on my own sad and sorry shoulder!(Im not kidding you, I was!) But thanks to you and that little honey (the one without cream on top although you are right! THAT can be rectified!) I have a smile from ear to ear dear! You certainly know how to pull out all the stops when us girls get down! glad we cycle together! I shall post one for you in return right away!lol

Ron said...

You and I appear to have the same taste in lovely men. I have no interest in the musclebound-types that predominate in the gay press, pornography and blogs.

I would just love to put those cupcakes all over that body and munch my way slowly through them (and him, of course).

JahTeh said...

Those croquembouche things were a nightmare because they had hot spun toffee holding it on the outside so the wrong cut and it was all over the place.

Rh, have you no romance in your soul? I must admit it looks good from far away but it's junk up close.

Zoe, I'm a bad infuence on you, you'll get fat eating cake.

The same goes for you Ron, remember your heart but then if you've got to go what a way to do it.