Sunday, April 15, 2007


The US Army is going to use computer games to try and find recruits.

They going to spend $2.42 million to sponsor a channel at the Global Gaming League website.

A first-person shooter game based on the army training manual will be a centrepiece of the channel.

The game ranks in the top 10 most popular games of its kind and will be updated to attract potential recruits.

It's been done before by Hollywood. Remember 'The Last Starfighter'? Geeky kid, living in a trailer park plays a shootemup intergalactic electronic game and bags the big score. It turns out to be a recruiting game for an intergalactic shootemup space force and the geeky kid saves the universe.

It sounds like the sort of idea the Generals would love.


BwcaBrownie said...

The actual firing of a weapon is such a small part of military life, that it is a big mistake to think screen-mavens would be good enlistees, as they tend not:
to get up at 5am and
make their beds,
polish boots,
defer to rank,
enjoy ACTUAL blood and death, etc etc.

JahTeh said...

They're AMERICANS and MILITARY they have no sense of reality.