Sunday, May 13, 2007


Thanks to TigTog at 'Hoyden about Town' blogspot for all the good links and especially this one (yes yes yes, one of these days I'll remember how to hide the damn address). I've been saying these same things for years and it appears I'm not alone.

I agreed with a lot of the commenters especially the ones who were told they were fat in their teens but on looking at those photos now have decided that they weren't fat at all. I did that myself and I was amply covered but not fat. Actually I was straight up and down but out in front. I have never had a waist and I want sainthood for the person who invented the 'princess line'.

I still think Australians have a more balanced diet than Americans and our portion sizes are better. This is on hearsay from friends who've been to America and couldn't believe what was put on their plates. I suppose you're as sick of hearing about my blubber as I am in trying to lose it but it's back on the diet horse tomorrow and try, try, again.

I've finally managed an email link but any diet tips will be totally ignored.


R.H. said...

I am never sick of hearing about your blubber, I want you to lose some. I had a feed in that street where all the stars are in the footpath and there was a man on his knees cleaning them. I had a feed there and was astounded at how much was put on my plate.


JahTeh said...

Isn't that down in the Docklands? There are so many new places in Melbourne that Brownie and I haven't been to so we will meet up with you at sometime RH, when you least expect it.

Link said...

I think he means L.A.

R.H. said...

Yes, Hollywood. A suburb.

You can both come to my place when my new lounge suite arrives. I've been looking in Savers every day but haven't spied one I like yet. The old one went off on a trailer to my daughter's on Saturday. The dogs were enormously upset. Haven't spoken to me since.

(sweetie pies)

JahTeh said...

Oh THAT star footpath, but Link we have our own in Melbourne.

RH, you got rid of the doggies' couch, no wonder they're not speaking to you. I've seen quite a few that I really like but no-one's giving them away.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I think he means L.A."

Yep, you're right he's torkin' aboot (I've just done a spot of identity theft from an unsuspecting Canadian - aren't all them Canadials unsuspecting - and sound like Adeladians - vs Osama bin Ladians - shit I've run outified of brackets, diareses, umlauts and inuits -) LaLa land.

OK, I accept that I have an unreasonable prejudice against L.A. , given I walked down Rodeo Drive and nobody reckernoized me.

Mind you didn't stop people asking for me grand theft auto ... graph on the off chance that one day it might furnish a return on Ebay - after I'd carked it. (Gonna bugger up that scam by my commitment - signed in blood - to never dying.)