Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm giving the scales a miss this week. It's been too cold, too stressed and I've eaten everything except the paint off the walls. Then I'm going shopping Thursday and trekking the hills on Friday if the Bureau of Misinformation doesn't stuff up the "sun and no rain" forecast.

Besides if I lost too much weight, my brain cells might die and I just might be tempted to wear something purple and shiny and ruffley with bows and a train. And not even a tiara, how trashy!

Sorry I think I'll go poke my eyes out with a Manolo stilleto heel.


lucy tartan said...

wtf is that woman wearing!!! ha ha ha god. Oh dear.

JahTeh said...

Lucy t, I originally just looked at the colour because that colour goes so well with red hair then I focused. There's more going on in that dress than Gone with the Wind.